Craftsman Garage Door Opener Safety Sensor (DIY Project Download)

Liftmaster 41a5034 infrared photo safety sensors. New, never used pair of Lift-Master 41A5034 garage door opener infrared photo safety sensors (photo cells). Sears Craftsman garage door openers have an important safety feature that prevents the door from closing when something or someone is in the way. When the orange light on the sending sensor flashes or stays off, it usually indicates a loose wiring connection. (166) Sold by Sears Chamberlain Replacement Safety Sensors.

craftsman garage door opener safety sensor 2Buy Chamberlain Replacement Safety Sensors for Garage Door Openers at Find parts for LiftMaster products and accessories. Chamberlain manufactures garage door openers under several brand names. The safety sensors we offer are mostly interchangeable even though the part numbers may vary from brand to brand.

I have an old craftsman garage door opener model 139.53615SR and I am required to add a safety sensor. I called Sears and they do not have a safety sensor kit for this model no. The owner’s manual for your garage door opener provides general testing and information for the safety sensors. Here is a manual for a typical Craftsman garage door opener that uses safety sensors: Owner’s Manual Model 139. 41A5266-1 LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Safety Sensor Bracket View.

Chamberlain Replacement Safety Sensors For Garage Door Openers

craftsman garage door opener safety sensor 3This article only discusses the transmitter & reciever. It needs to cover the actual door opening mechanism and safety interlocks as well. Originally door opener manufacturers incorporated pressure sensing circuitry that compared the normal operating Cheese burger forces working against the opener to any changes in the force required to open or close the door and would stop or reverse the door when the force required to move the door exceeded the threshold level. The HomeLink Repeater Kit is designed to allow compatibility between a newer Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, or LiftMaster garage door opener fitted with a yellow antenna wire and the HomeLink system in your vehicle. You cannot even get this garage door opener to move until the safety sensor components are in place and functional. Garage door openers manufactured before 1992 will most likely only have one form of safety reverse mechanism. Can I use Liftmaster sensors for Linear garage door opener?

Craftsman Garage Door Model Need A Safety Sensor For It