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R provides many methods for creating frequency and contingency tables. Three are described below. R news and tutorials contributed by (573) R bloggers. In SPSS, it is (relatively) easy to create a cross tab with multiple variables using the factors (or values) as the table heading. The Hmisc package has the summary.formula function that can do something along the lines you want.

crosstable r 2These functions were developed from the function CrossTable of the package. Posts about crosstable r function written by dmwiig. I would like to conduct nominal logistic regression analysis using molt in R, but don’t know how to enter the data below into R. Any advice?

I want to create a cross table with the counts of each combination of the two variables. This is to be repeated 12 times, whereby he values in the wdpaint column are shuffled in each iteration. Drawing the p-value function (a.k.a. nested confidence intervals) plot of risk ratio (RR) or odds ratio (OR) for a given 2 by 2 cross table, which is strongly recommended by Rothman KJ Epidemiology: An introduction. Hi, I’ve some programming demands to update an old R function I use to analyse data, it produces a crosstable object which I believe can be improved. First, I want to include in arguments (.

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crosstable r 3Ore.crosstab is written in R. The function is mapped to SQL that gets executed at the database server. Produce One Cross Table for Each Value of Another Column.

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