Crota Loot Table Reddit (DIY Project Download)

We all want to find out what the probabilities are for drops with each phase and chest in Crota’s End. Outside of Bungie telling us what will and will not drop, collecting responses is probably the best way for us to find this information. I found this website and mentioned it to some posts. People think it is not accurate. So I want to know if this loot table is accurate? If you have not visited my site yet, you’ll find loot tables for all the raids in Destiny. I’ve since ran about 5 more and did the same with Crota.

crota loot table reddit 2Crota’s End Loot Table – Displays possible loot drops for normal and hard mode. Data from Community and Reddit (Samic_72) Last Updated 1/22/2015 Disclaimer: Data is still being collected and this page updated. Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey’s expert certified FREE templates. Hello Reddit! I guess this got linked into a Reddit post, which I came across once. Thanx for looking! If you guys want to link it on Reddit again, please do so as it’s very accurate.

So I was going to make an absolutely beautiful loot table that showed all the possibilities of getting certain items but then I found out that JinormusJ and idga_chuck from Reddit were two s. Someone on here said it’s not even in the loot table yet, but that’d be pretty stupid. He didn’t post any proof so IDK. Not one person who has done it has received the crux of crota. I’m pretty sure it isn’t in the loot table yet just like the helmets were not on the first week of normal. There are around 155,000 people on destiny reddit. Not 1 person has received it, not 1 streamer had it drop, if anybody states that their ‘freind’ had it drop – they are simply lying. Destiny – Vault of Glass: chest locations, loot tables, Trial of Kabr, Spirit Bloom.


loot table for crota hard raid 3The final evolution to Necrochasm requires the Crux of Crota, which can only be obtained by beating the boss of Crota’s End on Hard Mode. Reddit that it is part of the Crota’s End loot table, but would not give a hint as to its drop chances or to any possible prerequisites. Vog loot table: destinythegame – reddit,., Published on: oct 11, 2014 0:19 over 1. Reddit loot table for Crota’s End Normal Mode r/DestinyTheGame at One Guardian with the Reddit handle beeray784 aimed to find out by shedding light on the pure RNG loot drop ratios found in the game’s Strike playlists. LOOT TABLES: (based on 400 drops; 200 for me and 200 for roommate). THREAD: Crota’s End Loot Table + Trials of Osiris Loot Table. so please credit where credit is due, rather than thanking this post upvote this thread if you have a Reddit account: Only registered and activated users can see links. This week, hard mode launched for Destiny’s Crota’s End raid. Maybe someone has indeed gotten the drop, but they don’t post on reddit, don’t make YouTube videos, and don’t talk at all on Twitter or other social media.

Loot Table Vault Of Glass

Destiny 3D map of Crota’s End Abyss / Lamp Room. By Brandon Allen Could make this and put a glass top on the table in a bar to make a cool table. Source: Reddit user Adiost. Inspired by this thread on, originally created by Nachtkater. Detailed write-up guides for the Raid (loot drops, hidden chests, calcified fragments and. Destiny’s raids, the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, can take hours and. Time is money, as the saying goes. In Destiny, though, time is loot, meaning that hours-long sessions should never go to waste. Sure, after reaching Level 40 your Guardian no longer needs XP to progress at his/her core.

Reddit poster beeray784 and his roommate completed 200 strikes from the Roc playlist, the level 26 option made available. Destiny: 200 strike project reveals loot drop secrets. Reddit poster beeray784 and his roommate completed 200 strikes from the Roc playlist, the level 26 option made available. Longest same-map streak: 5; Will of Crota 25/200 (12.5).