Crown Molding On Staggered Height Cabinets (DIY Project Download)

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Here is a picture of some staggered height cabinets we recently did. Hope this helps. How do you handle the end of a cabinet crown molding when a shorter cabinet meets a taller adjacent cabinet? Do you make the taller cabinet deeper if possible to butt the crown into? My immediate question is for frameless, but I’m curious about faceframe too. Here’s a pic of a set I did that is kind of extreme in being staggered, but it is exactly what they wanted! From contributor A: As you can see, the doors line up, but the cabinet heights are staggered with a slab above the doors for the crown to return into. These are called staggered height cabinets. Many homeowners like the appearance of crown molding along the top edge of the cabinet face to finish off the appearance of the cabinets.

crown molding on staggered height cabinets 2Crown Molding with Staggered Height Cabinets See more about Cherry Wood Cabinets, Crown Moldings and Wide Plank Flooring. Here are a few tips for adding crown molding with staggering cabinet heights. Crown Molding with Staggered Height Cabinets 1 Repin 1 Like.

How to add staggered crown molding to kitchen cabinets transforminghome. Add height to cabinets with plywood and crown idea for the existing kitchen cabinets. Cabinets of varying heights add visual interest to a kitchen. A successful job requires some up-front planning when it comes to the crown mouldings. Love the staggered height cabinets, granite, and crown molding in this one! See more about Crown Molding, Granite and Moldings.

Crown Molding With Staggered Height Cabinets

I decided to do the crown molding above the cabinets myself and it came out great with one exception. My cabinets are staggered in height and depth with the taller cabinets sticking out further, making installing the crown on the shorter cabinets easy as they just end into the sides of the taller cabinets. And then I decided I wanted the staggered-height cabinet look, too. And then, I decided I needed a stove shelf. To see my crown moulding on cabinetry post, click here. A kitchen with cabinets mounted at staggered heights can create issues when using crown molding. This can happen when a shorter wall cabinet is next to a taller, diagonal wall cabinet. Valance, leftover refrigerator panel and crown molding used to bridge section. 36 Wall cabinets mounted on platform to create staggered height island. It looks like they just tried to use regular cabinets and stuffed the fridge and microwave underneath. I think it is a look that may quickly date itself and is certainly more suited to a traditional kitchen with crown molding. I feel like staggered height kitchens were really popular and considered high-end 10 years ago but that has changed as people s tastes are running toward more modern and transitional kitchens. Feature: Standard cabinet design to be staggered heights with arch-top raised panels, crown molding & concealed hinges. Benefit: As with any finish element of a Bay Lakes home, your kitchen cabinets can be completely customized to suit your tastes.

Adding Crown Molding And Staggered Cabinet Trim