Cubicle Trebuchet (DIY Project Download)

If the USB missile launcher is a little too new-school for you, the desktop trebuchet may be the perfect addition to that arsenal of cubical warfare weapons. You’ll have to plan ahead if you’re intending to use your DIY trebuchet to play Capture the Copier. Unlike the aforementioned Altoids catapult, this build requires some small but inexpensive parts from the hardware store and a bit more work than you can probably squeeze into your lunch break. Before USB-powered missile launchers, cubicle-to-cubicle warfare was fought the old-fashioned way – with honor and tiny, wooden trebuchets.

cubicle trebuchet 2They won’t obliterate castle walls or settle sieges, but our desktop Trebuchets and Ballistas are more than capable of causing mayhem in the office. What’s more, assembling your ultra realistic wooden thingy flinger is almost as satisfying as watching it sling its payload at the boss. The book allows for some escalation of inter-office wars with trebuchets, catapults and even printable targets to practice before an all-out assault on your boss. From the MAKE Flickr pool, a desktop trebuchet made from coffee stirring sticks, paper clips, string, zip ties, etc. Bring character and life to your office desktop with Eccentric Cubicle!

Build yourself this trebuchet and catapult kit and have tons of fun. In today’s digital world, no longer do tech professionals have to be confined to a cubicle all day, surviving grueling daily monotony. There are many tech jobs that allow for a less traditional work day, where you’re not confined to the office and you can spread your wings. I’m convinced that I would go completely mad if I had to work in a cubicle all day. The urge to knock down the barricades that wall me in would likely only be surpassed by the desire to throw random objects into the other tiny squares.

Desktop Warfare Kits

Mike had this idea for a desktop trebuchet you could just snap together, Murphy tells Co. So who is this for? While E&M Labs knows they're selling more than a few desktop siege engines to fun-loving or frustrated cubicle jockeys, the demographic they really want to reach is engineering dorks. Desktop Onager – Take your cubicle warfare to the next level. See more about desktops, warfare and cubicles. Pin it. Like. TREBUCHET. There are tons of small tabletop catapults, trebuchets, foam dart launchers, marshmallow shooters, and other such implements of cubicle warfare, and this ballista would make a fine addition to any arsenal. It makes me hot when a guy knows what a trebuchet is. Expand your kingdom one cubicle at a time with this working replica of one of the most infamous and powerful siege engines. So what could be better than hurling objects over the cubicle wall wil. You can pick up a Desktop Trebuchet from Firebox for 14.95 ( 30 ).

Wooden Trebuchet And Catapult Kit

Do you need to launch little wooden projectiles into the next cubicle? Do you want something sciency to do with your kids? You can now do all that with your very own desktop siege engine. California Cal discovers an important secret lies in the last cubicle. For those of you who work in a cubicle(my condolences), this trebuchet is for you. It is my. I am thinking that a desk trebuchet needs to happen. What the hell else am I supposed to do for lunch time entertainment now? D:.