Cupboard Under The Stairs Harry Potter (DIY Project Download)

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This mom transformed the cupboard under her staircase into an amazing Harry Potter-themed room. When Courtney Bonnet was buying her Pittsburgh home in June this year, she noticed a cupboard under the stairs and, being a Harry Potter fan, acted accordingly. Upon moving into her new home, the librarian and mother of two was faced with a dark, dirty storage space under the stairs, she told HuffPost.

cupboard under the stairs harry potter 2And, like any true Harry Potter fan, the mom of two immediately thought of the iconic cupboard under the stairs where Harry lived in the Dursley’s house at 4 Privet Drive. London flatshares offer ‘Harry Potter’ style rooms under-the-stairs for up to 900 a month. I took the pics secretly when he was making himself a cup of coffee, the cupboard was right next to the kitchen. Illustrated by Jim Kay from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Illustrated Edition.

My mother’s new house has an actual cupboard under the stairs. When I’m next there, she’s given me permission to redecorate it. This is my idea board. Everyone knows the cozy cupboard under the stairs where Harry Potter grew up at 4 Private Drive, but most people don’t have a duplicate in their own house. Before Harry Potter was whisked off to Hogwarts, he lived under the abusive reign of his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, who gave him dog biscuits for Christmas gifts and forced him to sleep in a cupboard beneath the stairs of their suburban home.

This Librarian Decorated The Cupboard Under Her Stairs To Look Like

Miss Lomax compared it to Harry Potter’s ‘cupboard under the stairs’ bedroom on Privet Drive (pictured). Another cupboard bedroom under the stairs has been listed on Gumtree as being available to rent in Islington, London. Actual bed under stairs like Harry Potter for 500 pm?! The first time that the Dursleys locked him in the cupboard was when he was five. Uncle Vernon then threw him easily into the small cupboard under the stairs, slammed the door, and locked it. This is apparently a valid assessment; when we next see him, ten years later, Harry lives in a cupboard under the stairs. A mysterious green inked letter banished Harry from his cupboard. But does taking the boy out of the cupboard also mean that you’ve taken the cupboard out of the boy? A first year fic.

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