Cupboard Under The Stairs Storage Ideas (DIY Project Download)

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Creative solutions, ranging from sneaky storage to an extra bathroom, tackle the home’s trickiest triangle. If you’re short on storage space (and who isn’t?), it’s time to think outside the closet. Hiding throughout your home are steal. Harry Potter Style Under the Stairs Bedroom 10 No Movie Magic needed!. Surrey is The cupboard under the stairs and is the bedroom of Harry Potter. But the idea behind it is a sound one, and a great use of the otherwise unused space. Storage idea under the stairs. 30 Under Stair Shelves and Storage Space Ideas. By Lavinia April 12, 2012 in Freshome’s Very Best. Stair shelves and unconventional storage spaces around your stairs are clever ways to declutter you home. Small Closet Products to Organize Your Wardrobe.

cupboard under the stairs storage ideas 2Once upon a time we built a house with under stair storage. It just gave me a great idea for storage of our Christmas items where we don’t have to go in the attic anymore where we have a spare closet. We design, make and install high quality under stairs storage cupboards and units – our custom-built understairs cupboards are made to measure to your requirements. You don’t need more space to store your stuff, you just have to be creative with the space you’ve got. Consider under the stairs.

Discover small spaces design ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. Make the most of the space under the stairs by turning it in to a walk-in larder like this designed by Plain English. If your home has a stairway, then you have potential storage space that is just beckoning to be used. One of these 25 clever under stairs storage ideas can help you optimize that leftover space and turn it into usable storage space. Converting the space under your stairs to a series of shelves is a great way to display your baskets.

Iheart Organizing: Under The Stairs Storage Reveal!

understairs cupboard door ideas 3There are many creative ways to make use of spaces under the stairs. You can design drawers, closets, shelvings, wine racks, or even desks and seating benches to fit under the stairs. When we talk about creative under stairs storage ideas there is no such thing as the right design. Closed cupboards are one of the most popular solutions and are particularly useful in the hallway for storing outdoor clothing, shoes, umbrellas, etc. Storage space is never enough. To make up for the missing storage space we will show you some excellent under stairs cupboard ideas which will help you. The best under stairs ideas by prefect designers with the top under stairs storage solutions, see the innovative ideas on how to use and planning space under the stairs in your home. Today, I write for first time on Decor Puzzle about under stairs ideas, I will show you some of interesting under the stairs ideas and solutions with different under stairs storage ideas and solutions with different furniture, for examples: ( under stairs shelving, under stairs cupboard, under stairs closet, under stairs storage unit, under stairs bookcase, wine rack ), and other under stairs ideas such as home office or TV unit. 12 Genius Ways To Fill That Awkward Space Under The Stairs (PHOTOS). And when the kids grow up, you can trade the quaint details for a large closet door and make it a space for storage. 9. Do you have a home story idea or tip?

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