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With the release of Cafe Du Swing, the Texas Gypsies have accomplished what few bands have even tried, let alone succeeded in doing in the past. The group blends elements of traditional small group Swing, Gypsy Jazz and Western Swing into a tightly woven fabric of 21st Century sophistication and jumpin’, thumpin’ entertainment. The Swing Revival was a late 1990s period of renewed popular interest in swing and jump blues music and dance from the 1930s and 1940s as exemplified by Louis Prima, often mixed with a more contemporary rock, rockabilly or ska sound, known also as neo-swing or retro swing. Most swing revival bands were based around a rock and roll rhythm section of electric guitar, double bass, and drum kit, with a three or four instrument horn section, which usually consisted of trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. The Six Shooter band primarily performs the original style of music that was current when lindy-hop dancing began in Harlem, NY during the late 1920s. The Swinging Little Big Band is one of the UK’s most exciting & original swing bands. Their Rat Pack Re-loaded’ show features timeless swing numbers followed by modern rock and pop songs re-arranged as swing, jump jive & salsa. Swing band available now for weddings, corporate functions, private parties, awards ceremonies, charity events, festivals and public performances.

current swing bands 2Note that Big-Band era Swing music is a subset of swing (per my definition), and it is what I call capital-S Swing, to distinguish it. A lot of modern jazz swings, but little of it is good for dancing. A gypsy jazz band based in Edinburgh, Viper Swing effortlessly evokes images of 1920 s, 30 s and 40 s Paris with their fiery gypsy guitars, high-flying violin melodies, gravelly vocals and infectious rhythmic bass. Their repertoire includes works by the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt, tunes from the Great American Songbook, other swing-era hits and modern songs with a twist. From a Jazz Duo or Jazz Trio to a 10-piece Swing Band. Jazz bands will often have a repertoire that ranges from familiar Jazz Standards to Contemporary Jazz and even Jazz versions of modern pop songs.

It will also take a quick look at the current Swing revival. The birth of Swing took place during the years of the Great Depression. While certain bands in the 1920s were already experimenting with the early sounds of Swing (Dance, 22), it is suggested that the summer of 1929 began the journey toward the summer of 1935 and the official arrival of the Swing Era (Hennessey, 123). Looking for a Swing Band in the Chicago, IL area? Current venues that the group are playing include Andy’s Jazz Club, Shaw’s Crabhouse, Pops For Champagne, Pete Millers (all locations), Navy Pier, United Center (Chicago Bulls), and official City of Chicago events/functions for Mayor Daley. Dean Mora and his Orchestra is the premiere big band and swing dance band in Los Angeles playing music from the Roaring 1920s through the Mad Men Era. SEND A MESSAGE TO MORA’S MODERN MUSIC FIRST NAME: LAST NAME: E-MAIL: PHONE NUMBER: Type comments here.

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This swing bands list ranks the best swing music artists by votes. This list of top swing bands and musicians let s you see who swing fans think are the best swing music groups. List of good western swing bands includes a filter so you can sort by the groups s label and what albums they’ve put out. Top 10 Current Queries in Music: teen drama shows. The also include their own interpretations of songs by current artists such as Tom Waits, Pink Martini and The Dustbowl Revival. Recommended Swing Dance Bands of Today (self.SwingDancing). Jazz Band! Those three are probably my current favorite modern bands. Swing band Northern Ireland – Dave Martin Swing Band Belfast, Dublin, wedding band Northern Ireland. Everything from 50’s Swing to current Top 40 hits, their authentic live sound and swingin’ rhythms are certain to add style and sophistication to any event. The Bootleg Swingband is a five piece band based in the South West of England.

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The Swing Ensemble was formed by its current director, Burk Shields, at the request of some of the band members who wanted to play a different style of music, and be able to add a new dimension to our concerts.