Custom Cat Litter Box Furniture (DIY Project Download)

Custom-built litter box box, seen on Modern Cat. Refurbished File Cabinet -> Litter Box. Cat litterbox furniture from CatsPlay comes in a variety of litter hider styles and allow the unsightly box to be hidden away in decorative cabinets or concealers. Because many of our products are custom made to your specifications, it’s important that you order well enough in advance in. Many of our cat furniture litter box hiders are quality pieces of handcrafted wood furniture, allowing the once-ugly cat litterbox to now be hidden away and blend nicely into your decor in a decorative enclosure. How to DIY your cat’s litter box so it’s hidden from view and ups the style factor in your home. Hanging curtains around a litter box that’s under furniture is the perfect way to mask the eyesore.

custom cat litter box furniture – Custom Litter Box Storage design ideas and photos. Dan installed a kitty door into the side of a cabinet as a clever place to store the litter box. Check all these sizes, colours, designs and shapes of cat litter box covers and see if you can find the correct one. Upcycled Side Cabinet 27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box. I had been wanting to build something to hide the litterbox for a long time. I also modified it to include a cat door, a cat passageway on interior panel, a vent on the back behind one of the drawers, and the stone top.

Enhance your decor and hide your cat’s litter box with this custom made litter box cabinet. This cabinet is ideally suited for large cats, cats that pee standing up or cats that spray.

Hidy Tidy Side By Side Tall Custom Litter Box Cabinet

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Hidy Tidy Side By Side Tall Custom Litter Box Cabinet