Custom Navigation Drawer Android Example (DIY Project Download)

Tutorial to create a custom android navigation drawer like gmail, youtube. If look at the navigation drawer sample application at website, you can see it is a listview used to navigate through different fragments. The tutorial Android Custom Navigation Drawer contains a basic and a custom project. Simple navigation drawer example in android. Read the material design style navigation drawer document for specs on styling your navigation drawer. For this example, we will pick purple-based colors as shown in the screenshot. The NavigationView also accepts a custom attribute that can reference a layout that provides a header of our layout.

custom navigation drawer android example 2Custom Android Navigation Drawer Items in Xamarin. In this example, the navigation drawer is consisted of an icon and a text description. 1. Using the auto generated Android Studio Navigation Drawer gives you are; Author: Val Okafor; Updated: 12 Apr 2015; Section: Custom Controls; Chapter: Web Development; Updated: 12 Apr 2015. Below is an example of how you can start a new fragment from a menu and example of a method in the ReplaceFragment method in the Main Activity. Learn to create a simple yet stylish Navigation Drawer in Android. We borrowed code from the sample application provided here by and enhanced the look and feel as shown in the screenshot.

Our Android navigation drawer example and tutorial explains and will help you learn how to create your own navigation drawer – fast and step by step. 9. Create the custom adapter Material Navigation Drawer Example In Android Studio Using NavigationView. Befor Navigation View, we have hard way to make material navigation drawer using listview or linearlayout with custom adapter, but now we just need to add Navigation View in DrawerLayout, everything else will be handled by Navigation View. Android tutorial about implementing app slider menu using navigation drawer. An example of google + navigation drawer is explained with a customized list view with icon, title and a notification counter. For this I am going to create a custom adpater class for listview which provides a custom layout for individual list item in the listview.

Custom Android Navigation Drawer Items In Xamarin

This NavigationDrawer example is developed by using appcompat library project in eclipse kepler. If you remember, earlier we were dependent on either ListView or LinearLayout, were defining a custom adapter for displaying Navigation drawer as per the need, but with this NavigationView, we just need to include in inside the same DrawerLayout, so point is earlier we were including ListView inside DrawerLayout and now we will include NavigationView inside DrawerLayout. It’s same as creating a menu xml file ( drawer_view.xml ), just create a menu file under menu folder. Implementing the new Navigation Drawer in Android I wanted to try out the new Navigation Drawer that s provided in a recent release of the Android Support Library. There’s lots of code, and even a sample app to download. Creating a Navigation Drawer. Implementing drawer navigation is simple. Create a Navigation Drawer using the new Navigation View included in the design support library. You d basically add it in the same position previously used for your custom view, inside a Drawer Layout. Navigation Drawer in android with ActionBar and Drawer icon Lets start with what does that word Navigation Drawer mean. Now move to onPrepareOptionsMenu(), see what is doing in our example: Override public boolean onPrepareOptionsMenu(Menu menu) // If the nav drawer is open, hide action items related to the content view boolean drawerOpen mDrawerLayout.

Android Navigation Drawer Example With A Step By Step Tutorial Guide

The Navigation Drawer is used in many Apps around us now, it’s a sliding panel from the left (but can be from the right in some countries) and most of the time composed of a ListView. In this tutorial, I will share my way; so far; to create a Custom Navigation Drawer composed of an Icon and a text for each item of the ListView. Navigation drawer android example download. Step 4: Create Fragment Class and Custom ListView Adapter Next task is to create fragment class for all three layout files and implement a custom listview adapter.