Custom Sliding Drawer In Android (DIY Project Download)

The size of the SlidingDrawer defines how much space the content will occupy once slid out so SlidingDrawer should usually use match_parent for both its dimensions. Inside an XML layout, SlidingDrawer must define the id of the handle and of the content: SlidingDrawer android:id +id/drawer android:layout_width match_parent android:layout_height match_parent android:handle +id/handle android:content +id/content ImageView android:id id/handle android:layout_width 88dip android:layout_height 44dip / GridView android:id id/content android:layout_width match_parent android:layout_height match_parent / /SlidingDrawer. Custom Drawer Layout for Slide Over Action Bar. No problem. In Android Default you cannot move the DrawerLayout along with the Action Bar. However if your are keen on using the Default Navigation Drawer. Sliding Panels A categorized directory of free libraries and tools for Android. SlidingDrawer hides content out of the screen and allows the user to drag a handle to bring the content on screen, SlidingDrawer can be used vertically or horizontally.

custom sliding drawer in android 2In this article I will discuss Sliding Drawer in Android. A sliding drawer is same as custom ListView or simple ListView. Difference is only that Sliding Drawer remains hidden in the start. It only appears when we slide it out. Sliding drawer works same as web designing sliding menus. It controlled by simple handle button automatically generated by SlidingDrawer tag. Sliding drawer always works inside layout and best work on linear layout. In this post we will how to implement the Sliding Drawer widget in our android application.

In this example we will demonstrate how to implement sliding drawer in android. SlidingDrawer is a special widget which allows user to drag some content into the screen from outside and hide them if not needed. It has a handle and content, dragging the handle in shows the content and dragging the handle out hides the content. SlidingDrawer – Android draggable sliding drawer provides an easy way to slide from any side of your screen. Android.Widget.SlidingDrawer Class. SlidingDrawer hides content out of the screen and allows the user to drag a handle to bring the content on screen.

Sliding Drawer In Android

custom sliding drawer in android 3SlidingDrawer represents a widget, where we can use in our Android applications. SlidingDrawer has the ability to hide and/or appear content when the user drags a handle. More specifically, it includes two basic views:. If you have lot’s of stuff to put on your screen for a single activity, you should probably go for the SlidingDrawer widget. It is very simple to use, and looks cute. Here are the steps that you need to do for bringing up the sliding drawer on your activity. Android and Eclipse Tutorial – TabWidget, Flipper, and SlidingDrawer. If you want to create sliding drawer animation in right to left no need to add any view in layout you can simply use slider widget (answer here). We can make sliding drawer in Android 3.0 and above easily with rotation. for this purpose make a project with the name SlidingDrawer and copy the following code to your’s package com.jitesh.slidingdrawer;

Androidbite: Android Slidingdrawer Example