Custom Wood Branding Kit (DIY Project Download)

custom wood branding kit 1

Our brands are primarily designed to be used on wood. They can certainly be used on leather and soft materials, such as food, as well. Remember, this is a completely custom piece created to fit your needs. For design files, we ask that they are black on white, vector based or high res (at least 600+dpi) saved as one of these preferred formats: ai, psd, pdf, eps or jpg. ISI custom makes Wood Marking Hand Stamps for companies, consumers and hobbyists alike. If you are interested in going with a branding iron instead of a wood stamp, our sister company, Branding Irons Unlimited has the equipment you need to make it happen. Wood Burning Kits. Our branding and marking tools make wonderful gifts for the hobbyist wood- or leather worker, for the barbecue aficionado, and for crafters working in wood, leather, plastic, soap, and wax, sand, and cement.

custom wood branding kit 2Brand-First is the Leader in Electric Heated, Flame Heated and Propane Powered Branding Irons and Branding Tools for Home, Hobby, and Industry. Show your pride in craftsmanship by branding your signature or logo into your custom built furniture or hand made gifts. Personalize Your Work, Brand your Furniture or add a Logo Medallion at Highland Woodworking. We manufacture branding irons and accessories for commercial, industrial, semi-professional, and hobbyist applications. BrandNew Industries prides itself as the premier innovator of branding solutions for branding wood, leather, plastic, rubber, food, and other products.

Exotic and Domestic Lumber, Tools, Kits, & Plans for Woodworking, Woodcraft & Wood Hobby. Customized Electric Branding Iron Gift Set (Mail-In Offer)Arc with Tools Branding IronsScroll crafted by Branding IronsHandsaw Branding IronsOval Branding IronsHAND CRAFTED BY Branding IronInitials Branding IronLogo Branding IronSignature Branding IronDate Attachment For Branding IronAll Lines Optional Branding Iron300 Watt Drill Press Branding Irons38-Piece Stamping Tool Set Our other sites:. Stainless steel wood heaters fossil hunting tools and equipment dremel versatip multipurpose tool kit. Furniture From Wood. Brand: Walnut Hollow. SKU: 411769. Hide Description. The 5-in-1 Tool Kit with Case is ideal for trimming, cutting, or repairing synthetic materials such as plastic.


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