Cutting Laminate Table Saw (DIY Project Download)

I used a table saw to cut the laminate when I did my floor, worked fine. One suggestion is use the finest tooth blade you can get. And if you can find a carbide tip fine blade even better, the laminate dulls regular steel blades quickly. How to Cut Laminate on a Table Saw. The difficulty of cutting laminate is a thing of the past. Years ago, contractors would cut laminate using a razor knife or handsaw. What is everyone’s preferred tool for cutting laminate flooring?

cutting laminate table saw 2As far as cutting laminate flooring It is hard on the blades. I have never cut a formica top before, if using a circular saw, should it be scribed then cut upside down? And if on the table saw maybe right side up. I’m going to tackle installing 350sq/ft of laminate flooring through our kitchen and dining room. For the full length cuts, I used a circular saw. The cut edges are going to be covered by trim, so they don’t have to look perfect. Your other less desirable option would be a 150 ten inch table saw.

One of the easiest ways to cut plastic laminate sheets is using the tablesaw. But the thin sheets can slip under the rip fence on many saws and pose a hazard, not to mention ruin the cut. What’s the easiest way to cut laminate? I ordered a 5′ x 10′ sheet and went to cut it tonight with a circular saw and the darn thing tore. I have cut laminate with a table saw. This is a two person job. An auxiliary fence mounted tightly against the table is essential when cutting plastic laminate (or any other thin material) on a table saw. Without it, skinny stuff can slip under the fence and cause a crooked cut, major chipping, kickback and injury, and ruin an expensive sheet of laminate.

The Laminate Flooring Tools Needed For Installing This Flooring

A table saw will make most of the cuts you need for all of your projects. If you are cutting laminate flooring, don’t spend too much for a fancy blade. What type of blades do you use to cut laminate flooring, and does it really wear out a carbide blade within a single (250-400 sq ft) job? What blade do you recommend for a good cut and long life? Forum Responses (Cabinet and Millwork Installation Forum) From contributor F: The simple answer is a 60 tooth carbide blade, and plan on a re-grind after every job. If you were only cutting the laminate flooring, you could use a jigsaw since you will mostly be doing cross-cuts to fit the pieces at the walls. In fact, in reference to a table saw, their main job is rip cutting and most of your cuts will be crosscuts. They also walk you through cutting and finishing laminate ends. Flip the top upside down to make sure the blade cuts the laminate first. I hadn’t thought of turning it upside down, but I’m probably going to cut this with a circular saw, not a table saw. My table saw has a cutting guide, but you can get a cutting guide to go on a skil saw, so with a good blade, you should be able to make an acceptible cut with a skil saw.

Laminate-cutting Auxiliary Fence

With a bit of care you can get perfectly clean, factory-like edges when you cut melamine with your circular or table saw blade. Carpenter using table saw to cut laminate counter top. Focus on the saw. – Stock Photo from the largest library of royalty-free images, only at Shutterstock. These are the tools I use to cut and install laminate floor boards. Whilst it may be tempting to use a circular saw or table saw to rip laminates, unless you have an expensive carbide tipped blade stick with the jigsaw or handsaw.