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That circus was everything that caused her pain. Okay, I just now started watching the Dark woods Circus series, (I was too much of a weenie to watch it before, okay?) and I just got the idea. Dark Wood Circus is a 5 song series created by Machigerita-P mainly featuring Miku and her fall into insanity and tragedy. From an asylum to being shipped off to the Circus where the other who are deformed reside, to her trip to hell and finally her being made into a shinigami. If you are a Vocaloid fan than you mostly know about this series of songs and if not where have you been!? All of you know the dark woods circus is extremely sad especially the song itself Dark woo.

lack wall shelf weight limit 2They all hate the circus and though they act as if it’s fun, they wish that they could die. This song is part of the Dark Woods Circus Series, and is the most well known song from it. Quite personally, I really love the Synchronicity Series. The Dark Woods Circus series is also pretty interesting. The synchronicity series is my favorite! Die Dark Woods Circus Series ist eine serie aus 5 Vocaloid Liedern und einem extra Video die davon handeln, dass Kinder entstellt und in einem Zirkus zur Show gestellt werden.

The Dark Woods Circus is a series of songs produced by Machigerita-P, and mostly sung by Hatsune Miku. There was also a novel adaptation release, but the majority of the canon works were unused. Oh. You consider it a series. Well, yeah they were in the video so. There’s no escaping, don’t even say it, Dark Woods Circus will never let us free& 133;. It’s the last song in the Dark Woods Circus series.) Reply.

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