Dark Woods Circus Meiko (DIY Project Download)

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The Dark Woods Circus is a series of multiple songs that was produced by Machigerita-P. It was originally mostly sung by Hatsune Miku, but with the release of the novel adaptation, the majority of the original canon was scraped. The Dark Woods Circus (Vocaloid Fanfic):Lonely Meiko – As the lonely young Meiko explores the depths of her village to find friends,she finds this weird place. Soon the people started arriving at the woods the circus was located in. Meiko was walking towards the entrance, she was late compared to the rest of the audience, who had already entered the tent, suddenly a big shadow was cast upon her.

dark woods circus meiko 2A story to the Vocaloid song Dark Woods Circus. Meiko sat up, and looked down at her red nightgown that reached past her knees with delicate lace at the bottom. Oh, why you are at the Dark Woods Circus! We are the ringmasters, they said simultaneously. They WERE free! The moment she saw the diva and the two-headed twins reach the border of the circus, she started running towards them. Escape Dark Wood Circus- Meiko.

I cosplayed MEIKO from my favourite vocaloid song, Dark Woods Circus! It was really fun figuring out how to do the makeup. (I even covered the song to go with the cosplay. DaRk WoOdS cIrCuS -6 years ago in Drawings26 Comments. Vocaloid-The Dark Woods Circus7 years ago in Games. I’ve been listening to the Dark Woods Circus song series recently and I’m captivated by the story it tells.. Kinda creepy but I like it. Kinda creepy but I like it.. Dark Woods Circus: Meiko.

Dark Woods Circus, A Vocaloid Fanfic

Everyone knows that feeling of walking down the street. This child has to cower alone. So come to the dark woods circus. It’s fun! (I know that bit off by heart). Alright my dear audience, let’s take a little ride into the Dark Woods Circus. Meiko represents the innocence and curiosity of young children whenever they see the circus. Meiko from the Dark Woods Circus VOCALOID video I love this video! Very good.

Dark Woods Circus Vocaloid