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The Dark Woods Circus is a series of multiple songs that was produced by Machigerita-P. Updated song list with the novel chapters being named after songs and the original sogns being declared non-canon, eventual character profiles, etc. What has been written in this book is a tragedy that has happened in some world somewhere. Miku was never normal. That circus. That circus was everything that caused her pain. If you ever talked to her, she would tell you she had to escape.

dark woods circus novel 2The Great Dark Woods Circus. Also, most people familiar with the song probably watched the PV/Video where the diva as goat legs, but the diva on my fic is the one from the novel, which has spikes on her head(at least judging from the picture and some info, I don’t know japonese, and threfore, I can’t read the book P). Welcome to the Dark Woods Circus. As you may know, Machigerita released a book that tells the story of the DarkWoods Circus’ universe. I translated the announcement as. Youtube, as well as the contents and the preface of the book. Dark Wood Circus: Book 2 – (WARNING: The sequel is based on a Vocaloid song called Dark Wood Circus and it is really dark and disturbing. I don’t want any hate.

Dark Wood Circus: Book 2:Chapter 1 – (WARNING: The sequel is based on a Vocaloid song called Dark Wood Circus and it is really dark and disturbing. I don’t wan. There’s no escaping, don’t even say it, Dark Woods Circus will never let us free& 133;. English Singable TranslationOpen up the book of my evolutionYou’ll see that we are still stuck on page one. I realize I’m late, but: link Can anyone find a translation of the book? Based what I think the video says, the book was released last summer.

Dark Woods Circus, A Vocaloid Fanfic

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