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Vocaloid’s Dark Woods Circus, SAD TRUE STORY. This is both AU and real. c: Also not including characters I have paired with characters given to me. I don’t know if anybody knows this, but this is based on real story that happened in early edo period. Dark Woods circus, 3.0 out of 10 based on 26 ratings. Try to really give your readers the vibe that this could be a thing in real life. To give the full effect, don t skirt around any subject that comes up.

dark woods circus real 2Chapter 4. Dark Wood Circus Series. (Includes 7 songs). Being locked up for real made Miku’s mind go worse and worse. Not only was she locked up but the asylum did terrible experiments on the patients (Sowed Rin and Len Together, Made Kaito into a cannible, ect. Was listening to Vocaloid Miku’s Dark Woods Circus and decided to draw my version of the deformed diva Song: the story so sad!!!! Worst part about this song is that it’s based on actual events at r. Worst part about this song is that it’s based on actual events at real circuses in Japan where they would kidnap children and deform them by cutting off limbs, sewing on limbs such as the two headed man and cannibalism. Hola TSD, hoy les vengo a mostrar una cancion de vocaloid, pero esto es diferenta a las otras que ya postie (las otras eran puro crap), esta esta basada en una historia real, que sucedio en Japon en el periodo Edo (1603 – 1868). La cancion se llama Dark Wood Circus y es la tercera de una saga llamada DWC conformada por 5 canciones y tienen a Miku Hatsune como protagonista, en la primera cancion (Steel cage princess) se ve el secuestro de miku, la segunda (wide knowledge of the late madness) es la parte donde los mutilan para convertirlos en fenomenos, la tercera (Dark Wood Circus) es la presentacion de los fenomenos en el circo, la cuarta (Blue ice castle) Miku se suicida, la quinta y ultima (Red swamp bottom) cuenta la estancia eterna de miku en el infierno.

Dark woods circus real, dark woods circus. photonesta.com. Stream 4 CeVIO Color Voicedark woods circusCeVIO by Ethan2S from desktop or your mobile device. We hope you enjoy the Dark Wood Circus. Now please ladies and gentlemen don’t jump to conclusions, I can indeed prove that the lad on stage consumes real human flesh.

Meaning Behind Vocaloid Songs

dark woods circus real 3Yo este verano me enpece a viciar de nuevo a Vocaloid y por supuesto a las canciones mas oscuras que tienen como por ejemplo The Dark Woods Circus. The first real performers were kids who were orphans and had no other means of getting jobs, food or money.

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