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Browse through Dark Woods Circus stories and books; or publish your own. Updated song list with the novel chapters being named after songs and the original sogns being declared non-canon, eventual character profiles, etc. Browse Categories. Browse Categories Select Category And Then? (68) AAAAND IN THIS CORNER! (19) Aaahh!!! Lame Monsters (138) ADMIN FAIL (19) Announcements (15) BUT WHO WAS PHONE?!? (159) CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR CRAPPY (10) Cliched Crap (464) Copypasta (160) Crappy Cop-Outs (101) Crash & Burn (116) Derpbutt Despises Dollpastas (38) Failure To Launch (54) Friendship Is Crappy (18) Great Wall Of Pasta (244) Just Needs Polishing (150) Just Say No To Journal Entries (108) Kill The Killers (196) Lazy Writing (940) Less Creepers More Creepy (42) Less Gore More Creepy (147) LET ME SHOW YOU MY POKEMONS (95) Lost On Purpose (58) MEepy Pasta (46) Needs More Scary Sauce (150) NOPE.

dark woods circus true story browse 2Vocaloid song meanings:Dark Woods Circus- Rin and Len Kagamine, Kaito and Hatsune Miku – This will hopefully help you if you want to at least have an idea of t. Dark Woods Circus is known to be quite a sad stories, and most believe it is based on a true story. Its not certain whether this is true or not, but its a possibility that it could be. Oh, why you are at the Dark Woods Circus! We are the ringmasters, they said simultaneously. Yes, I used to be ‘M’, but since everybody discovered my real name, you can be M. Models by Jjinomu Pose/BG by me (please go full-view for HQ) This started out as a model test (they are amazing btw) and ended with a cool pic yeahh I will probably add the rest of the m. MMD Dark Woods Circus. Yep is very dark and great the stories, I do not know is if the song is based on a true story. Reply.

I just read the true story behind this song. And i came across this. Well, then let me tell you the story about Dark Woods Circus. The ring leader was a really tall man, with dark blue hair and lifeless black eyes, staring into nothingness. Real years:_____Favourite colours:Red, Black, Blue, WhiteSiblings: a brother-LuciusLooks:Usually-Snow white hair and bloody red eyes, but can change colours. The Dark Woods Circus Come one, come all! Now for a real FREAK! Heh heh, this is my first story!! please give me feedback! i tried to turn Dark Woods Circus into a story. sorry it’s short.

Vocaloid Song Meanings

Deep in the woods, far beyond all the trees, There is a place, such filled with revelries, Please do not fear, don’t be afraid of us, We will not harm,. Here in the woods, at this dark circus. I want to keep our love so true,I want to keep a collection of you. Addicted to my tears, I hunt for a new meaning,This crave of sympathy, it kills and eats me,I just want some love, just need a heart,To tear myself apart. PS: I do not want to hear anything about the Dark Wood Circus being based off of a True Story or Events, I don’t want to hear it due to lack of evidence, it all just sounds too story like to be true, Plus my last art of the Dark Wood Circus was filled with those stupid comments that had nothing to do with my art, but with the song being true and it got annoying. Browse other editions of the concierge: 2013, 2014. In A Dark, Dark Wood. But that’s not true. Updates as of October2009: Missing Halloween’s story was created. Meiko flows the duo into a tent in the deep, deep forest. The giant Neru and Haku stand guard, as if to catch anyone who escapes. Wow. Meaning. There’s no escaping, don’t even say it, Dark Woods Circus will never let us free& 133;.

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