Decorative Wooden Bargeboards (DIY Project Download)

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Decorative Barge, Tudor Boards and Eaves Details: House Martin. Roofs with a gable often have a ‘bargeboard’; this wooden panel of a gable end usually has some decorative carving but can be plain. As with most details, more modest houses have plain gables, with the most pattern in the middle Victorian decades. Decorative Barge Boards and fascias. Tie Beams. Balcony sets. If you think we can help you with anything, please call us or email on

decorative wooden bargeboards 2Character Building: Decorative Bargeboards. Cutting ornamental bargeboards in timber need not be a lengthy business, as self-builder Len Firth found. If a property has sound wooden barge-boards then over-cladding can be an effective way to avoid repainting. Bargeboards have wooden-carved details for English Tudor-style luxury homes. Historical luxury homes with vergeboards and facia board-styled details.

Mitcham Primary School 1880. Decorative wooden barge boards and roof vents. Stone probably from Brownhill Creek. A method of cutting a decorative pattern in a barge board 1, or alternatively a fascia board or a finial board, made from co-extruded plastics material and having a front face 2, a rear face 3 and a cellular core 4. Wooden barge boards, fascia boards and finial boards are usually cut to give the desired pattern and the face of the board and cut edge painted to provide resistance to weathering. Bargeboards are planks of wood fixed under the eaves to cover the ends of the rafters – the word is a corruption of vergeboard. But the Victorians discovered they could be used to wonderfully decorative effect.

Character Building: Decorative Bargeboards

Decorative pierced barge boards. All barges were cut out of home grown Douglas Fir from southern timber in devon. House was built in 1905 and is a joy to work on. Some causes which make timber bargeboards and fascias to rot include poor paintwork, breakdown of paintwork, end grain of timber joints not sealed during the installation process, wrong selection of timber for external use, leaks in guttering, cracked roof tiles and many more. As mentioned earlier many barges have decorative features such as frieze rails, finials, trims, scrolls, etc. The decorative wood cutouts for doll house bargeboards and the candy decorations for gingerbread bargeboards capture the spirit of this distinctive architectural design element. Period character guide: Decorative wood carving. Above (left-right): Bargeboards to help protect the exterior walls of a house; Egg and dart and foliate repeat mouldings in pine wood carved by Charles. Decorative bargeboards and fascias create a really distinctive look and can be used on the rooflines of both traditional and modern homes. The originals were made of wood and consequently without regular maintenance can become rotten and unsightly.

Mitcham Primary School 1880. Decorative Wooden Barge Boards And Roof Vents. Stone Probably From Brownhill Creek