Deer Foot Bow Rack (DIY Project Download)

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I would like to make a bow holder out of the feet of my last buck, anyine know the proper way to do this? From: hunter722 Date: 11-Nov-08 bend them how you want them, and put them on a bed of granular salt and then cover them up in salt. THEM OVER THE DEERFOOT FORM MADE FOR THAT PORUSE. McKenzie Taxidermy offers a variety of artificial deer foot forms and accessories. Create a unique gunrack or lamp. Deer Foot Gun Rack Form Small. 4.85. And deer hoof gun racks make nice gifts for beginning hunters. Wrap the hide around the foot form and begin sewing at the hoof by inserting the needle on the underside of the hide each time, working up to the end. You can consider using the deer hoof rack for a bow or fishing rods as well.

deer foot bow rack 2Find great deals on eBay for Bow Rack in More Archery Accessories. Vintage Deer Hooves Gun / Bow Rack ( Two Guns ). 140.00. 42.00 Free shipping; Taxidermy Deer Hoof Foot Feet Double Gun Rack on Beautiful Oak Plaques Gunrack Taxidermy Deer Hoof Foot Feet Double Gun. This would be my first time. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Killed an 8 point buck in SE Indiana and got its front feet. Cut and stained the face board.

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or knows the steps to taking a set of deer legs and making a so called mount or gun rack with them? My wife wants to do this if she shoots a doe for her first deer with her bow and put the arrow on the legs. I know this thread is about just the deer foot, but this is how I indend to use them. 1: shin the feet and leg to the knee,get a foot form from a taxidermy supply house,clean the skin,put preservitive on it,sew the skin to the form and mt. The Bow holder is based of the normal style deer feet, We just make it in plastic and camo dip it and attach it the deer tracks we also make, but I am open to thoughts.

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Taxidermy Deer Feet Single Gun/Bow Rack Deer Feet mounted on dark wood plaque. Rack is 24 long x 8 wide. Feet are 17 apart. PLEASE ENLARGE. Find great deals on for deer foot and Deer Hoof in Sporting Goods. Shop with confidence. Re: Homemade Bow Rack. What did you do to the deer feet to be able to use them? Deer foot gun rack kitjonas brotherscomplete kit does not included animal partskit came from a retired taxidermist’s inventory.Sealed packaging has some damage to packagingkit is in new condition. 50 per foot. Coyote (open mouth). 150. 350. 35 (25 extra for skinning). Deer Whitetail. Fighting Bucks. Deer Foot Gun/Bow Rack. Flehmen Deer. 600. They got into the 8-foot-by-8-foot elevated box blind around 2:30 on the afternoon of Dec. 27. Trail cameras showed the big deer entering the food plot between 4:00 and 4:30 p.

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An Informal History of the Ski and Bow Rack. After missing three deer and five elk because his elbow just wasn’t what it used to be, he wondered if he could fling the spear with something other than his arm. Deer antler bow rack, barn wood gun rack with deer antlers.