Deer Foot Gun Rack Kit (DIY Project Download)

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McKenzie Taxidermy offers a variety of artificial deer foot forms and accessories. Create your own gunrack or whitetail novelty display with these easy to mount foot forms and ferrules and your choice of Gunrack Panel. Create a unique gunrack, lamp or footstool with deer foot forms and ferrules from Van Dyke’s Taxidermy. Hemcolyte Foot Gun Rack Forms – Small Deer These easy to mount deer foot rack forms bring you the most in true-to-life shape and contour. Very dense moldings assure a strong and durable mount.

deer foot gun rack kit 2If you love hunting, a deer hoof gun rack is the perfect addition to your collection of game mounting. I would like to make a bow holder out of the feet of my last buck, anyine know the proper way to do this? From: hunter722 Date: 11-Nov-08 bend them how you want them, and put them on a bed of granular salt and then cover them up in salt. Good for gun racks, coat racks, back scratchers (small deer), lamp bases, cane handles. Bizarre gift Hoof paperweight mount man cave taxidermy Novelty mens desktop accessory. 2 Vintage French single deer hoof racks, coat hooks, taxidermy gun racks.

This is a handcrafted gun rack made from solid Oak. The rack measures approx 23 wide by 5 tall. It has been stained and varnished to a beautiful. I made a gun rack out of my 1st flintlock deer legs. Taxidermy suppliers sell kits with everything you need to do a pair of mounted deer feet (My only suggestion is to buy a nicer panel separately, or make your own). And deer hoof gun racks make nice gifts for beginning hunters. Decide where you want to mount the feet onto the mounting board and drill holes in the mounting board the same diameter as the ones on the form.

Building A Deer Hoof Gun Rack

Here’s a picture of the deer rump and a link to the kit. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or knows the steps to taking a set of deer legs and making a so called mount or gun rack with them? I know this thread is about just the deer foot, but this is how I indend to use them. Barnwood Skull mount panels 8 x 14 for doing Euro Skull Mounts on Deer More Info 16. Deer panel for mounted deer head and two deer feet. Vintage Taxidermy Deer Hooves Gun Rack Man by Vintagecollectorlove. Deer Hoof Gun Rack Wall Plaque Vintage Hunting Coat Rack Deer Foot Taxidermy With 4 Deer Feet. Buck Deer View Profile. Check with any taxidermist, they can do a gun rack for you. The 32×8 panel with 2 feet for a gun rack is 80, with 4 feet it is 100.

Taxidermy Deer Hoof Foot Feet Gun Rack On By Deerwoodworking

NEW Outdoor Solar Powered LED Wall Path Landscape Mount Garden Fence Light Lamp. Whitetail deer. There are kits that can help you with this. My uncles made a gun rack, you just need a board and two hooves for every gun,and just screw them in from the back. Rack Mount: An simple project to do when starting out in taxidermy is mounting a deer rack.