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Ottoman definition, of or relating to the Ottoman Empire. See more. A Turk, especially a member of the family or tribe of Osman I. adj. 1. Of or relating to the Ottoman Empire or its people, language, or culture. 2. Turkish. An ottoman is a form of couch which usually has a head but no back, though sometimes it has neither. Look up Ottoman in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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A Turkish sultanate of southwestern Asia and northeastern Africa and southeastern Europe; created by the Ottoman Turks in the 13th century and lasted until the end of World War I; although initially small it expanded until it superseded the Byzantine Empi. Ottoman Empire, empire created by Turkish tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor) that grew to be one of the most powerful states in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Ottomans, left as the major Muslim rivals of Byzantium, attracted masses of nomads and urban unemployed who were roaming through the Middle East searching for means to gain their livelihoods and seeking to fulfill their religious desire to expand the territory of Islam. Chapter 19 Vocabulary (China, Ottomans, and Japan 1800-1914).

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definition of ottomans 3Each of these leather ottomans is stuffed with foam and natural fibers for equal doses of style and comfort. 15 Colorful Interior Arrangements From John Loecke. The Ottomans: From Frontier Warriors To Empire Builders Author: Robert Guisepi Date: 1992.