Delete All Tables From Database Oracle (DIY Project Download)

delete all tables from database oracle 1

This will print out a series of drop commands for all tables in the schema. Spool the result of this query and execute it. Is there a single command to drop all tables in the schema rather than having to call DROP TABLE 100 times?. Davey and OracleDoc, You will be still calling DROP TABLE 100 times. Just an alternative because if you drop the user, lose all your rights in the database, thats all. SQL. Drop all tables, constraints, and sequences within an Oracle schema.

delete all tables from database oracle 2I have a little problem. I have to delete all the data from our database. I don’t want to drop tables, only delete the data sets. These are 47 tables in total. How To Delete All Tables – Hi All, How can i delete all the tables in a DATABASE with a single shot!! Thanx in advance. DROP DATABASE drops all tables in the database and deletes the database. Be very careful with this statement! To use DROP DATABASE, you need the DROP privilege on the database.

Let’s say you need to drop all tables in a mysql database. How do you do that?. I just needed this to clear a database, and for some reason the oracle guided me here. I’m using Imp dmp file to import into my existing database. I’ve been told that I can drop all the tables via a drop schema command within the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager gui, but I can’t see the. How to delete all data from Oracle table. Excel-DB Don Burleson Blog.


how to drop tables in oracle 11g 3Posted October 19, 2004 by u02sgb in Oracle. If you don’t want to create your database from scratch it’s sometimes useful to just delete all the objects from it. 1. For example, in Oracle you have schemas and tablespaces. If any of the tables named in the argument list do not exist, MySQL returns an error indicating by name which nonexisting tables it was unable to drop, but it also drops all of the tables in the list that do exist. To drop ALL tables in your database (fill out the first line as appropriate):MYSQL mysql -h HOST -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD -D DB_NAME MYSQL -BNe show tables awk ‘ print set foreign_key_checks 0; drop table 1; ‘ MYSQLunset MYSQLThis can be useful if you need to empty a database in order to restore a backup made by mysqldump, but you couldn’t use –add-drop-database because you don’t have CREATE DATABASE privileges on the command line (e. Dropping all tables and views from a specific SCHEMA, SYSPROC. Which solution database auditing and protection do you use? Oracle Vault Other I don’t use a solution to audit my databases Polls. Do help anybody about the query how to drop all tables from a user without droping the user. Sometimes, there is a case, when we need to remove all tables, stored procedure, views and triggers completely from the database. If you have around 100 tables, stored procedure and views in your database, to remove these, completely from database became a tedious task.


GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS to collect stats for all of your tables and indexes. 11. I am trying to delete all the data from every table in the database by importing the data coming from show tables into a query that deletes all the data. (there is probably another way, using the informa_schema, I’ll try that if nobody can answer this one) Thanks my query dbh- prepare(‘SHOW TABLES’); if (defined( query)) query- execute(); my row; while ( row query- fetchrow_array()) sql qq delete from?; sth dbh- prepare( sql) or die Cannot prepare:. In Oracle it takes ages to (re)create a database. To get all tables, why not use the DBI::tables? That way you don’t have to dig into database specific calls.