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Delta One trading desks are either part of the equity finance or equity derivatives divisions of most major investment banks. ETFs, forwards, futures, and swaps (amongst other products) are delta one equity products. Delta One desks trade delta one, i.e. linear or non-option, equity products. If a Delta One desk sells 10 million SPX long on a swap it needs to hedge itself. This morning the ETF industry was shaken when news broke that Kweku Adoboli, an ETF trader and co-director at UBS’ Delta One desk, had lost 2 billion due to fraudulent trades.

delta one desk 2Terry Smith, a veteran London City broker seems to think that Delta One trading strategies are frighteningly complex. He told the Financial Times, Management doesn t understand what goes on in the Delta One desks. Anthony Hayden, head of Delta One desk at Nomura Securities in New York. Photograph kindly supplied by Nomura Securities, August 2012. From my understanding, an Equity Delta One desk trades derivatives that have a delta of 1 with respect to the underlying, i.e. the change in price of the derivative is directly related to the change in price of the underlying.

Definition of Delta One: A category of derivatives for which a change in the value of the underlying asset results in a change of the same, or nearly. Here are the top 25 Delta One Trading profiles on LinkedIn. Get all the articles, experts, jobs, and insights you need. It turns out he worked on UBS’s Delta One desk, exactly the same desk manned by Societe Generale rogue trader, Jerome Kerviel who cost the French bank 4.

Derivative Times: Delta One: What Does It Do?

Horizon platform for DeltaOne Trading allows trading of baskets, delta-1 derivatives or pair trading strategies. In a small corner of every bank sits a trading desk little-known until the Kerviel affair, but about to provide explosive growth. Adoboli worked on the bank’s Delta One desk, a unit that handles trades for clients, typically helping them to speculate on or hedge the performance of a basket of securities. The business is exceedingly low risk in some cases, frustratingly so, say some of those who have dealt with Delta One desks in this country. Vacancy ID: 10690. Title: Internship – Investment Banking – Equity Delta One Trading Desk. Program: Internship. Job Function: Investment Banking. Location: Region Z rich. The T5 debut created excitement among media, customers and employees, including buzz about the reception desk sitting in Delta ONE.

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Delta one trading desks are either part of the equity finance or equity derivatives divisions of most major banks. They generate most revenue through a variety of strategies related to the various delta one products as well as related activities, such as dividend trading, equity financing and equity index arbitrage.