Delta Tool Box Lock And Key (DIY Project Download)

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Looking for a key that will fit the lock on your topper back window, side window, T-Handles on sheds and garage doors as well as truck caps or Tonneau Hard Cover?. We do not carry replacement keys or parts for Delta toolboxes, but you can obtain replacement keys and parts directly from the from Delta. We have hundreds of different locks and key patterns to fit the locks. The Key Code for the key to fit the lock(s) for your product is stamped on the key and on the cover of the key entry slot of the lock. W465 Key for Hudson Locks 5 Wafer TECHNION BOULEVARD, PUNDRA.

delta tool box lock and key 2Toolbox locks are generally considered ineffective as theft deterrents, especially in shops full of dozens to thousands of tools which can disable said locks in seconds. O’Reilly carries Delta products. Click an item or category below to get the Delta products you need to do the job right! Delta Truck boxes are most often found in the Hardware, Home center, Automotive Retail and Agricultural channels. 1527 Snap On Tool Box Key Snap On Original Part Number 8777. 1536 Hurd, Delta Tool Box Cross Reference Key Blanks MFG: Part Number Ilco: 1536 JMA: HRD-2.

Most locks like that have a number on their face. I’m sure a locksmith could make a set for you that would work. When I bought my truck back in march it came with a delta pro tool box but no keys. Shop for 1 Delta Truck Toolbox Locks 2 Keys Fits Delta Tool Box Paddle Handles& T-handles. On sale for 18.00. Find it at Shop. This key code is for Delta Tool Boxes, Delta Champion and other misc. Key will be cut to code and ready to work in the lock. 7.99.

So You Lost Your Toolbox Key: How Screwed Are You?

Ilco 1620 key blank for some Delta tool box locks supplied in nickel plated brass material. Aluminum Single Lid Full Size Crossover Tool Box with Gear Lock in Bright features high strength body design to resist cargo damage. To match the strength of the RSL lid, delta champion features a high-strength body with wider top rails. Image of keys that fit this. I have a very large, very nice Delta toolbox on the back of my truck. I have been experiencing problems with the locks – again. The lock is part of an oblong push button. The lock cylinder rotates just fine, or at least they did for a long while.

Delta Pro Replacement Locks