Desk Drawers Won’t Stay Closed (DIY Project Download)

Q. I have file drawers that won’t stay closed. When I close them, they slowly open to about five inches and stay. Is there a way to tighten them or adjust them so they will stay closed?A. If your kitchen drawers will not stay closed, you do not have to replace the drawers to correct the. My CD/DVD Drawer won’t stay closedafter I insert a CD or DVD. Since updating to iTunes this evening, iTunes will not stay closed.

desk drawers won't stay closed 2My desk drawers won’t stay closed. Ruby, why must you be so jank? OCDrant firstworldproblems. 3:04 PM – 29 Jan 2012. 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Ask your drawer won t stay closed read play keyboard and mice questions. Desk drawer – slides open Drawers have a metal slide which must be kept level or the drive continually slides open my husband is having trouble installing a kitchen drawer slide–it keeps jumping off. When I opened it the top middle drawer is broken and won’t stay closed. The dresser is beautiful, but it’s extremely heavy!! I paid extra to have the guys deliver and carry it up the stairs.

I have a couple tanker desks and one is disassembled. I find myself working from home needed a file cabinet so added a top to one of the drawer sides and some casters and it’s perfect. The issue is the bottom drawer (file drawer) won’t stay shut. You know, usually they have a detent or dip in the drawer glide that makes the door want to suck shut that last 1/4 or so. If the filing cabinet won’t close, open filing cabinet draw check to see if drawer is lock into position on tracks. If it won’t stay closed, the filing cabinet drawers are not leveled correctly. My desk (and several others around the entire building) won’t stay closed. At least once every other night the drawers will suddenly open all the way, as if someone pulled them out to get into the very back of them.

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desk drawers won't stay closed 3This baby wouldn’t even stay closed on its own because it was so stuffed full of documents! And since I need to get working on my taxes, I wanted to get all our files organized so I know I have everything I need. Now that I’ve been using the file drawer in the dining room desk for over a year, I’m making a few changes to what I’m keeping in it. I also signed up for online billing for most of our bills so I won’t have as many papers coming into my house anymore. Do not put wood dowels in both parts of the drawer. The keyboard tray won’t stay closed but doesn’t bother me:).

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