Desk That Turns Into A Dining Table (DIY Project Download)

This coffee table turns into a dining table, and the chairs double as storage! Transformable Couch Table turns into a dining table – Height Adjustable table – taly’s Ozzio has put together a fabulous little collection of transformable couch tables, which go from casual coffee table to elegant dining table in a blink. Space-saving furniture that cleverly provides dual functions: Beds effortlessly turn into tables and desks; Other space-savers include coffee tables that pop up to become dining tables, as well as handsome wall-hugging consoles with narrow top surfaces and hinged, drop-down leaves on each side that can be opened to create a dining table suitable for many guests.

desk that turns into a dining table 2Check out our online store to find Toronto space saving furniture including murphy sofa’s, sofa wall beds, transforming tables and more!. Convertible Tables, Wall Beds with Sofas & Desks. Some of our most popular pieces include a transforming coffee table that pulls out to double as a dining table or work space. The wall bed drops down to cover your sofa at night, and it pushes back into the wall to reveal your sitting area during the day. We are excited to now be offering online transforming space saver tables to Australia residents! Including the tiny titan, box coffee table and more!. For instance, the Junior Giant transforming table can be used as a slim, attractive desk or console by day, then add up to four leaflets to make room for a dinner party later. Hidden inside the coffee table are three leaflets that allow this transforming table to be turned into a dining or conference table with ample seating for ten. Multifunctional furniture, coffee table into dining table in seconds. Coffee tables that lift small space tables that lift to lap level or turn into a small dining area. Desk and consoles that fold over and double in size are an excellent way to create more room for occasional guests.

TreeHugger founder Graham Hill is trying to radically reduce his footprint and live happily with less space, less stuff and less waste — on less money — but with more design. From Ozzio design, these converting coffee-to-dinner tables are just the right combination of classy and functional to appeal to cramped urban dwellers and style-seekers alike. Varying in size, style and mode of transformation some of these clever convertible tables quick-change from a simple, small modern-looking coffee or side table into a mid-to-full-sized dining room table with iterations along the way that are as elegant as either finished formation. Absent the luxury of an actual room to turn into a home office, there are many other ways you can pull up a little horizontal space to catch up on your email, do your online banking, or better yet, blog! So where do you squeeze in a space for a home office where there is none? Here are ten ideas.

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desk that turns into a dining table 3I purchased this vintage desk recently measuring 21 x 40. The front 4 of the desk top separates and pulls out into a 80 x 40 dining table. Turning two narrow tables into a long workspace is one way to keep an eye on kids who have questions about their studies or are surfing online. Today we have The Flip Table, which is a coffee table that turns into a dining table. No fancy mechanicals seem to be involved, just a few hinges and a sliding mechanism. These console tables expand into a party-sized dinner table. No separate dining room and my little desk has to double for a dining table when sometimes..easy way to turn a small desk into comfortable dining for 10. Convertible Sofa transforms into a dining table and chairs. The Convertible Sofa is the latest in a line of transformable furniture designed to serve multiple functions that has crossed our desks in recent months.

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Multifunctional and convertible furniture solutions from Resource Furniture unfold and expand in unexpected ways, fitting lots of function into tiny rooms. A bed platform could fold flat against the wall, or even turn into a desk. If you only need a dining table or work desk for an hour or two out of the day, why have a separate one that just takes up valuable space?. The Bellagio table can also double as a laptop desk, revealing a small storage compartment at the same time. It’s a perfect piece of furniture for a modern living room. This is a coffee table able to transform into a dining table for four.