Destiny Ether Chest Loot Table (DIY Project Download)

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For a list of retired suggestions, please see our BungiePlz Wiki. Ether chests were added in patch 1.2.0 today (5/15/2015). I did that the first couple times, then I started multi-looting. Yup always always point out the chest, this gives new players a warm feeling about playing destiny and gives them reason to stay in the community. Provided said ambitions revolve around obtaining fantastic loot in Destiny. The latest Destiny patch has thrown these sought-after chests into the game, provided that you were able to vanquish several of the wanted Fallen in the Queen’s Wrath bounties. For Destiny on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Starting to think Ether Keys are just for those rare loot caches in patrol. This is a split board – You can return to the Split List for other boards. The chests have a rare chance of dropping a treasure key though, which is presumably used in the Prison of Elders.

destiny ether chest loot table 2Ether Chests – Destiny: An Ether Chests is randomly placed after defeating your bounty target. They can spawn in 4-5 spots in the target location and disappear after 90 seco. ‘Destiny’ Prison Of Elders Loot Table For ‘House Of. Key to open a chest in the. Ether Bomb Chance to generate Orbs when killing Fallen with melee attacks.

Destiny: Ether Chest Duplication Glitch Enables Key Stockpiling Before House Of Wolves Release Date. The chests hold some of the games best loot including a chance at Exotics and the new Legendary Queen’s Gear. The ether chest also emits a beam of yellow light out the top that makes it easier to locate. This article does not meet Destiny Wiki’s high standards. Help improve this article by cleaning it up! Proposed: June 4, 2015 This article is a stub. This will spawn a loot chest in a random point in the area of the bounty. It will be illuminated by a bright green aura, allowing easier locating.

Ether Chests

Destiny All ETHER CHESTS and Bounty Targets. After killing the target, a chest will spawn and you are able to use an ether key for 90 seconds. Found a vandalised ether chest on the MoonGfycat Imgur Youtube What’s in the box!?!?!1? if it fits, i sits. There should never be trading in destiny. BUNGIE: Due to recent complaints feedback regarding in-game content, we’re replacing the Gjallarhorn with new fallen-themed pets on the loot table. The ether chest has a gold lance of light shooting up out of it. It sounds like it’s possible to loot each chest more than once. The folks at the Destiny subreddit have been collecting a thorough list of all the other new stuff in the expansion that I haven’t had a chance to check out. I know they can be found in ether key chests, but I’m curious if they can be found in the 2 chests that appear after finishing the prison of elders also. Treasure Keys are used to obtain the ultimate loot after finishing any given Prison of Elders run. This Treasure Key would then be used to unlock a large chest in the mode’s Treasure Room a gilded vault befit of Scrooge McDuck. Sure, they can still open the two smaller chests in the Treasure Room, but the real worthwhile loot is in that big cache. Here’s a list of the general gameplay fixes that the beta patch brings to the table:. And this is why the thirst for Chest Keys remains real among Guardians. These drops do tend to happen far more frequently than Exotic Bounties from Eris Morn and Xander 99-40.

Destiny: Ether Chest Duplication Glitch Enables Key Stockpiling Before House Of Wolves Release Date

In Destiny’s latest patch, which went live on June 2, Bungie announced on their website deta. That Guardians can use four vehicles in Destiny: the Sparrow, the Fallen Pike and Heavy Pike, and the Cabal Interceptor? Ether Chests contain randomized loot, including Glimmer, Decoherent and Legendary Engrams, planetary materials, ammo synths, and Treasure Keys. Currently playing: Warframe and Destiny 1st in the world to Platinum DESTINY. No more special ammo packs from Ether chests is good, the 80+ I have should serve me well for the next decade or so. At least I sure hope that’s what it means, and not that it’s been removed from the Lv. 34 PoE loot table. The higher tiers of chests add more loot to the loot table.

Treasure Chests no longer require Treasure Key to open. The more difficult modes offer greater loot and different modifiers.