Detolf Cabinet Lighting (DIY Project Download)

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DemiSouls (3 years ago)Just curious, how do you light up your DETOLF cabinets? There’s the DIODER light strips, but it always seems like there’s not enough light. With it’s slimline build, bright LEDs and durable plastic casing, The Invisible Kit MkIII LED lighting system is the most versatile of my kits to date. Like most of my LED kits, this was originally designed for the IKEA Detolf glass display cabinet but is easily customised to almost any lighting. I found details lacking on prior installs of LEDs for Ikea Detolf cabinets. so I figured I’d do a write-up on how I installed mine. The final product.

detolf cabinet lighting 2IKEA – DETOLF, Glass-door cabinet, black-brown,, With a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favorite collection. You can easily brighten up your display objects as the glass-door cabinet is designed to include lighting. A complete guide to Do-It-Yourself lighting for your IKEA Detolf. I know that IKEA sells a nice LED lighting kit for the Detolfs (which is what AgentCastle had used), but given how many of these cabinets I was going to be setting up at once, I needed to find a cheaper alternative. I’ve recently bought a detolf from ikea to display my stuff in, i’ve filled the first one up with helmets, i bought one of the lights they have that goes at the top, but the problem is, when i turn it on, the first helmet gets lit up (on the top shelf), but none of the other shelves below it get any light, has anyone else come up with any solutions for this? i’m thinking little leds in the top corners of each shelf, but all the wires might make it look a bit messy.

So I made a trip to Ikea to get two of their Detolf display cabinets. I started searching up Detolf from within Google to see what other’s setup is like, and it got me interested in installing lights into it as well. Detolf cabinets have become the economic go-to display case for practically every collector of every flavor out there.

Detolf Glass-door Cabinet

detolf cabinet lighting 3Ikea Detolf cabinet need advice, instructions, and photos. I looked around when I got my Detolf at lighting solutions and those work perfectly. I bought a strip of LED lights with 4 wires RGB and of course Ground. I wish to cut it up and extend them so i can put a strip of 8 or 9 together in each detolf shelf across 3 cabinets. This with every skyline gtr. Yip so making it. Cant wait to get met the R36 model. DSC06688.jpg 535799 pixels. Detolf cabinet for display. Detolf modification. A quick guide to installing one of my custom light kits for the Detolf Cabinet. I was commissioned to make a simpler design that requires no dismantling of the cabinet itself, and here it is!. I just purchased and built a Detolf, as most people do when displaying figures. Any Amazon-worthy lighting solutions that are easy to install, and won’t harm the integrity of the figures?. Using cabinets and whatnot might make it too high as well. Find great deals on eBay for Display Cabinet Lights in Home Light Fittings. Shop with confidence. Cabinet Lights Warm Whte. suitable for Ikea DETOLF glass door cabinet.

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This listing is for LIGHTS ONLY. Cabinet is not included!!! Is your display cabinet a bit dark? This kit is designed to use with IKEA DETOLF Class Cabinet but can be. I was thinking about getting similar display cabinet, but I’m not sure with the gaps.