Detolf Replacement Shelves (DIY Project Download)

Is there any alternatives that could be used for the detolf’s shelving? Any material that is sturdy and will safely bear the weight of the figures would work. This makes me consider replacing all my shelves with solid acrylic. Would be costly though. IKEA usually is very generous when it comes to replacement parts. If anyone has the ikea detolf display case and installed extra shelves can you please tell me how you have done it. Thanks.

detolf replacement shelves 2I found out that the replacement trim was actually longer that the original pieces. I also wanted to add some more shelves to my DETOLF, so I was going to go the wire clamp route. Jeff, that is a good idea, yeah the shelves seem at the right height for ornaments but not figures& 133;. I think you can get additional (replacement) Detolf shelves from IKEA the moutning is really the only issue. However, Ikea’s DETOLF is, without question, the best value of any display on the market.

I would never risk using glass detolf shelves out of fear that it’d shatter from the weight – I use open wooden versions, as I know those are secure. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get replacement glass from Ikea, getting it cut by a glazier will cost a fortune. I’ve got one of the ikea cabinets I can measure the shelf size if you like? Some people have modded their DETOLF case, placing more glass shelves in it. Harrier with some room to spare, or 3-5 1/72 twins on each shelf; Detolf Destruction – posted in DX Model Display: Ok.. so I bought two detolf cases to house my collection. So I bought two detolf cases to house my collection. Ikea should be able to replace with a spare shelf for you, or some cut from regular glass will be fine.

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Page 1 of 2 – Changes in Ikea’s Detolf line – posted in Toys: So I went on Ikeas website the other day looking to see if my local store had any Detolfs in stock, and I noticed that the black/brown one was the only one listed — they didnt show the beech version. Also, an important thing to know about the full size billy, while it has extra holes so you can add or subtract selves and move the top two and bottom two shelves as you please, the middle shelf is a structural support that can’t be taken out, moved, or replaced with glass; so you’ll be stuck with at least one wood shelf dividing your case in half. DETOLF Glass-door cabinet – black-brown – IKEA 79.99 Replacement shelves? Bookcase, Idea, Ikea Lack, Wall Shelves, Apartment, Wall Shelf, Bedroom. Any glass dealer can cut an exact replacement piece with sanded edges that you can replace a broken one with in minutes. The open shelf on the left is only 3 inches wider than the Detolf, but having no walls lets me maximize the space and place twice the number of figures. What’s cooler is if you do at least three, you could actually use the four spare sheets of glass to make sliding doors for the front instead of hinged doors (cut two channels in the bottom and you’d be set). Page 1 of 2 – DETOLF Cage Questions – posted in Supplies & Accessories: Hi guys, First off, Id like to say that I hope this is in the right section, and if not, feel free to tell me. If you spot clean every few days and replace the dirty bedding it will be a very long time before it starts stinking. I have my detolfs split in half with one of the glass shelves (you have to block off the bottom portion or the hamster can still crawl underneath because of the wire support) and my hamsters have done really well with the split cage. Ikea detolf display cabinets. For auction, I have a pair of beech coloured glass display cabinets from IKEA. Does come with shelves but they were removed as the cabinets have been moved around lately.

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When my first girl arrived I put her in a detolf with one of the glass shelves taken out, these days she and her sisters get a stockholm to themselves. I don’t want to have to buy replacement filters all the time and the ionizing ones look more convenient anyways since you just rinse off the plates with water. Posts about Ikea Detolf Glass Curio Display Cabinet Light Brown written by chandradraw. Brushed Nickel-PVD Metrohaus Replacement Pull-Out Spray Head for MetroHaus Faucets WH38586. Imagine an entire Detolf shelf that had as many steps as would fit 3 Dunnys. I have the blue keychain i got for buying a joystick replacement at the madcatz store at the last evo.