Digital Closet App (DIY Project Download)

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If you’re looking to create your own digital closet, then this app is for you. Closet helps you categorize your outfits and keeps you up-to-date on what you’ve already worn. Stuff N Style – Closet organizer, outfit planner, virtual closet, digital wardrobe,. Even your closet has gone digital, thanks to these three apps that organize your wardrobe and offer advice on what to wear. Comments.

digital closet app 2What is doable, though, is taking my closet digital so I can see what I wear, what I don’t, and outfit combinations I’d never thought of, right in the palm of my hand. These amazing closet organization apps do everything from cataloguing your wardrobe to sharing outfit ideas with friends. Features include: Digital Closet: add purchases in seconds and take your closet to go.

You Can Now Have Your Own Clueless-Inspired Digital Fitting Room. The virtual closet-inspired app is launching with a Clueless-inspired campaign, which boasts everything from an Alicia Silverstone look-a-like model to Cher’s iconic yellow plaid jacket and mini-skirt, knee socks, and mary jane heels for you to try on for size. The user-friendly Closet app helps you organize clothing and accessories by category, outfit, and favorites in a digital closet. Although taking photos of every accessory and article of clothing and uploading them into Closet’s app takes a lot of time (especially if you have a large wardrobe), it’s worth the organization. I’m looking for an app for PC similar to stylebook for ios. basically, all I want to do is load in pictures under folders, (i have.pngs of all my.

Digital Closet App

By Margaret Ely Digital Editor March 20, 2015 Follow mcely. Space Monkey Peer-to-Peer Digital Storage System Offers Better Backup.

Digital Closet App