Dimitri Unregulated Box Mod (DIY Project Download)

The Dimitri is an unregulated, dual 18650 battery box mod with a fully mechanical switch. Please note that in a parallel configuration, like found in the Dimitri, a cell with a stronger charge will attempt to feed voltage to the weaker cell. Authentic Dimitri Box Mod by Vaping Kiko is a purely unregulated and fully mechanical mod. This device is hard hitting and excellent performance that takes 2 18650 batteries. Introducing the Authentic Demitri Mechanical Box Mod by Vaping Kiko, is one of the hard hitting mods in the market. These are a collection of Authentic High-End Mechanical and Box Mods that we recommend to vape enthusiasts like us. Authentic Dimitri Box Mod Limited Copper Edition.

dimitri unregulated box mod 2The Dimitri Clone by Infinite is an aesthetically beautiful mechanical box mod. It is a full unregulated mechanical mod that uses no circuit boards and no cap as too how low an ohm coil it will fire. Dimitri Unregulated Mechanical Box Mod Clone Dual 18650 Phillipines In Stock in Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Other Gadgets eBay. I have yet to see someone with a tank on their unregulated box mod. So can. My buddy runs an Arctic.2 on his Dmitri. I run mine on my mach too, when I’m out and aboot.

Customer who searched dimitri unregulated box mod also searched: dna20 mod, box mod, hades mod, vape mod, hammer mod, 26650 mod, provari mod, beast mod, vv mod More. Ergonomic styledualdimitri square box mod clone, unregulated dimitri box mod, vapor dimitri box mod. Dimitri box modanodized aluminum finishes: gold, blue, black, silverdimitri mod details:dual 18650 full mechanical box modserializedfull alloy casing in matte finishgold plated dimitri logo platedelrin insulatorssilver plating over pure copper contacts (negative)99. The Dimitri unregulated box mod is a very classy mod. It comes in black, silver and gold. All of them look very clean and smooth. The firing pin is located at.

Dimitri Box Mod Clone By Infinite Subsonic Vapes

This does not come with batteries just the box mod. It is basically a dual 18650 unregulated box with two 510 ports. Dimitri Mechanical Box Mod price Rm130 (Mod only) with 2 battery (Lghe4) Rm180. Harga/Price Dimitri Mechnanical / Mech Box Mod (Unregulated Box Mod).

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