Distressed White Wood Stain (DIY Project Download)

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A distressed and antiqued piece of furniture can add a unique charm to any room. And best of all, it’s not really difficult! With a bit of liquid sander/deglosser, spray primer, spray paint, sandpaper, and stain, you can turn virtually any piece of wood furniture into a beautiful heirloom-quality treasure. I know there is grey wood stain, but I was too lazy to go to the store and find it lol. Thanks for the idea of blending distressed stained and painted. A table that was previously painted white received a beachy blue layer of paint on top of the white. Simply paint some wood stain onto the blond wood spots.

distressed white wood stain 2When you distress wood, you create the look of a well-worn surface on a new piece of furniture without spending a tremendous amount of money. For instance, colored paint painted over white paint, when distressed, will reveal some of the white layer beneath. Wood that has been distressed by painting does not require any stain. It was sort of a one-two punch of distressing wood + staining it that really did the trick. There was aged pine, new pine, new fence boards, and painted balusters. I stained the new wood with Minwax Special Walnut. The old pine was stained with a 50/50 mix of Special Walnut and Golden Oak.

Follow these step-by-instructions from HGTV.com to achieve a distressed look on furniture. ) satin latex paint for the base coat satin latex paint or a wood stain for the top coat painting tools candle medium-grade steel wool sandpaper tack cloth polyurethane to finish (optional). There is more than one way to do this, but a simple method uses flat white latex paint or wood primer. Other colors used as highlights add to the distressing effects. Add a Beautiful Antique Patina Using Wood Stain or Antique Glaze Using wood stain or antiquing glaze is one of the most effective furniture aging effects t. The cabinets were a brand new, pure white, and they wanted them to look antiqued to add some character and aging.

How To Distress Wood (with Pictures)

Learn distressing techniques to give your furniture an antique look for the fraction of the cost on DIYNetwork. Apply a stain to the wood, selecting a stain that is a similar color to the antiques you have seen or have in your home. I finished my new-to-me antique buffet. Using my fail-proof method of distressing painted furniture with stain, this came together beautifully. Distressing wood furniture is a great way to add some character to your home. If it’s painted a color you don’t like, use a paint stripper. If the furniture already has a stain or a coat of paint on it, sand away most, but not all, of the finish. If you’re a fan of vintage, distressed furniture but not into the hours upon hours of sanding it takes to achieve that look, this tutorial, my friends, is for you: How to Distress Paint with Vaseline!. I just used cheap acrylic white paint, and I’ll go over it with a spray sealer. I was a fan of your shutters with the stained wood look and now they look wonderful in this distressed white too. Learn how to distress furniture the easy way and add character and depth to both new and old pieces. If you’re working with a newer piece, a few coats of a dark stain before you paint will provide a deeper richness once you’re ready to distress. Use an old rag or t shirt to rub a dark brown stain or glaze over the paint. 5. Use a VERY dry brush and get a VERY small amount of white or lighter colored paint on the tips of the bristles.

How To Distress Furniture

Yet when I finished the initial stain and painting, the white was really harsh. Do you have any hidden tricks up your sleeve when it comes to aging or distressing furniture? I’ll show you how to stain wood to look weathered and old, with nothing more than household items, and with results achieved in a fraction of the time. Don’t have white vinegar? How to make new wood look old distressed barn boards in 3 simple steps. (NOTE: use semi-gloss for the white, because if you use flat or even satin, it will soak up the stain tooooo much! The sheen doesn’t matter for the other colors). DISTRESSED WHITE STAIN ON WOOD WITH CHARCOAL EDGING. Collection. Wood & Color Collection. Style. Contemporary. Type. Frame Moulding. Color.

Finish Gallery. These slides are meant to be a representation only of our stain and paints. There will be variations due to wood and application. Please see a Lyndon retailer to view actual finish samples.