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Driftwood is expensive to buy at the store. If I find a piece of wood I really like, is it possible to make it into driftwood than can be safely used in my fish tank? I’m at the point with my new aquarium that I have to decide if I want some new wood, or just use the pieces from the old tank (which my XXL pleco has chewed down to almost nothing!). Before placing the driftwood in your aquarium, draw a rough sketch of your aquarium and where you want to locate the driftwood. Consider how your aquarium will look with the driftwood positioned vertically as opposed to the conventional horizontal position.

diy driftwood for aquarium 2That’s why you see some driftwood with large slate weights on the end in pet stores. However, if you can’t get your wood from a lake or river, here are some tips and methods to make it safe for your aquarium. Labels: budget aquascaping, diy projects, driftwood. Methods to clean driftwood for use in aquariums or other DIY driftwood projects. After this winters icestorms I have a whole bunch of downed trees, roots and all. I’ve seen some root sections that would look extremely nice (IMO) in.

I may be wrong but are you asking about bog wood or just some driftwood for your aquarium? I believe you just want driftwood and actually I prefer hardwood for my driftwood personally but as Joey stated, either one is fine. Planning is essential, so before placing the driftwood in your aquarium, draw a rough sketch of your aquarium and designate locations for your newly acquired accessories. Driftwood is a pleasurable add to any freshwater aquarium. It gives the feel of nature, and the tank a natural look. When you look deep into an aquarium filled with live plants and real wood your mind slips reality and becomes lost in a world that.

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For many aquarium hobbyists, the most enjoyable part of having a freshwater tank is being able to decorate it. Before you use driftwood in your tank you need to know a few things about it. Dramatic AquaScapes – DIY Aquarium Background – Malaysian Driftwood See more about Aquarium Backgrounds, Vivarium and Rock Formations. Does anyone know of the best type of wood to use for DIY driftwood. And how long it will take to soak it in water before tank use. Thanks. Souvik da has assembled for himself an amazing branchy DIY driftwood..we should all get a glimpse of it and see how some thin twig shaped galiff grade woods, clubbed together intellegently, would if not totally, but compensate for our shallow pockets Had a hard time to realize the structure was not 1 piece. Aquarium driftwood is a piece of wood that has been broken off by tides, waves, or winds that have washed onto the beach of a lake, sea, or river. Before you can use your driftwood in your aquarium, you should first prepare it and make sure there are no unwanted guests or poisons that could be harmful to your tank of fish. With the other hand, position the plexiglass on top of the driftwood, but leave excess plexiglass to be able to rest on the aquarium edges and any other support (the light is used in this example).

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Aquarium Driftwood – choosing the best wood type for the aquarium, curing aquarium driftwood and placing driftwood in an aesthetic manner.