Diy Hidden Storage Headboard (DIY Project Download)

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We had wanted a nice headboard for years, and this design incorporates several ideas we thought would be really cool to have. I would build two sliding doors that can pass each other. Tags: storage headboard secret compartments knotty alder baltic birch mirror shelves Ford Go Further Instructables Tech Box. Weekend project? On a Thursday? Yep, and for two reasons: one, I’ll be out of town tomorrow, doing a weekend intensive course and dive program to get my SCUBA certification. But two, and most importantly, this storage headboard project is exactly the sort of thing you could put together in a weekend. Given our focus on living in small spaces, we’ve written our fair share of posts on beds with hidden storage and under the bed storage containers, but we’ve never found a piece quite like the one pictured above.

diy hidden storage headboard 2I loved my IKEA MALM bed with bookshelves that slid neatly into the headboard (shown here). The headboard is a great storage piece for books and bedside items you want to keep within reach but are also easy to hide. Small bedrooms don’t quite make it well for storage headboards that feature open shelves or slide outs. Bringing a twist to the concept of headboard storage, this one is a unique way to keep your stuff in a hidden storage, as it takes everything behind the tufting and sports hinged upholstered panels to make everything easy and convenient to handle. Or, for an even more concealed look, go for a hidden fabric paneled headboard, which could make for a good do-it-yourself project too. For a fairly easy DIY project that creates some cool, hidden storage, try repurposing a vintage suitcase into a unique coffee table or conversation piece.

You can even build your own headboard and include in the design a series of shelves or clever storage compartments for things you usually want to have close to you when you’re going to sleep. This particular headboard lets you conveniently store a book, a magazine, your phone, a glass of water and other similar objects somewhere where they’re safe and hidden from view. To build such a headboard you need a table top, a series of shelves or something else that can be turned into shelves and some screws. DIY Hidden Storage. Headboard, attached to the head of your bed, not only enhances the look of your bed, but serves as a hidden storage solution too. These creative contemporary headboard designs cross boundaries of common architectural furniture designs, and give you cool hidden storage space in your bedroom, thus saving clutter. I don’t believe you could construct a headboard with that much hidden storage that a Forest Gump burglar couldn’t find.

Headboards With Hidden Storage

Picture at: Sisteroo: DIY Hidden Treasures Bedframe Husband and I spent the first three months of married life on an air mattress as the mattress in. You could also easily make a headboard, but our bed sits right under our window, making a frame less desirable so we’ll do without for now. Headboards with Hidden Storage Ikea MALM bed with storage shelves headboard. +185 RaquelStone1. A headboard storage isn’t new to us but we often see open shelves for a headboard storage. No Permit is Needed to Build One. We live in 2 very small homes, but somehow manage to keep things organized! And it’s all thanks to the hidden storage in our small spaces. So if you’re looking for storage maybe just consider the headboard?. In addition to special projects like the storage headboard, the studio sells smaller objects such as cutting boards and window boxes made from local and reclaimed materials. Above: A side view of the headboard with hidden storage shelf. Introducing the all new GunBed brand hidden gun storage quick-draw headboard. Beauty, style, build-quality, and reliable performance are a passion.

Diy Headboard With Clever Storage Spaces

Amazing Hidden Storage Ideas. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case. 9. Idea Details: shanty-2-chic. 10. Looking for an extra storage space in your bedroom an you happen to have a cove wide enough for your bed? Solve your storage and aesthetic problems in one go by making your headboard double as a sliding door to your hidden storage area. Build a plywood box to fit the opening and glue the book parts to the box with construction adhesive. Take a look at these clever hidden storage ideas, which include hidden stairway storage, hiding trash can in a tilt-open-door cabinet, bathroom storage case behind the mirror, hidden storage headboard and etc. Some of the ideas are products that you can purchase from most hardware stores or Wal-Mart, but most are things that you can do yourself to create a hideaway storage area in your home.

After the holiday influx of guests and gifts, homeowners may find themselves short on storage space. They can, in theory, pack less-used items into garages or closets, but there’s much to be said for storage that’s handy, easy to access, and subtle like these 10 clever ideas for stowing away everything from blankets and pillows to pet food and knickknacks. This time we have constructed a DIY pallet nightstand with hidden storage area is not it a cool and totally different use of pallet? You can hide you private. The headboard also accommodates pistols and magazines with an 18 inch magnetic strip. One of the more involved compartments is this DIY floating shelf with a hidden gun safe inside. DIY Nightstands with Hidden Compartments. By Chad King on February 11, 2013 in Stash Pics.