Diy Industrial Style Bookcase (DIY Project Download)

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DIY bookcase: Steps to make an industrial-style bookcase from iron pipe and wood. Its no secret I love the industrial-meets-rustic look so all of the industrial pipe shelving projects floating around Pinterest and blogland lately (like this, this, and this) had me instantly. This undated photo shows a close-up view of a DIY completed bookshelf. Industrial-style shelving units and tables made from planks of wood and plumbing parts are gorgeous and trendy, and can cost thousands of dollars.

diy industrial style bookcase 2Supply Shelving System. Add industrial-chic open storage to a space with plumbing supplies and basic lumber. I started by shopping, assuming the only way I could have an industrial-style bookcase was by paying a hefty sum for one. Page 1 of 2. DIY Industrial Shelf Using PVC Pipe by Corey of Sawdust 2 Stitches.

Industrial style is gaining popularity it’s good not only for masculine space but also for some service spaces like a pantry or a kitchen. Today, I am going to show you how to build industrial shelves. Jonathan wanted a place to hang his guitars, so I sketched his wall to look like this. Previous Post DIY Industrial Shelves Jonathan’s side of the room!. This is my rough sketch of what I wanted it to look like. You would be surprised how many T’s and elbows you need. DIY industrial pipe shelves.

Industrial Rustic Bookshelf

diy industrial style bookcase 3Your turn: Please show us your industrial-cool DIY project below. Creative DIY telephone bookendsThis one-of-a-kind bookend display puts those old phones you have lying around to good use once again. DIY invisible wall bookshelvesInstead of your beautiful well-read leather bound or cloth books taking up extra room on the bookcase turn them into display shelves that can hold more books or other valuable items. Another idea for a rustic, industrial style bookshelf comes to us from HGTV!. There are a lot of ways to use iron plumber’s pipe to make shelves. They look just like metal bars, even in person. It’s insane. And cheap. DIY bookcase: Steps to make an industrial-style piece i can do it with reclaimed wood. Plus, we needed it to fit with the industrial, rustic, and eclectic styles found throughout our home, so we decided to build the support system out of pipes.

17 Awesome Diy Industrial Shelves And Racks

We are excited to share our latest project, our DIY industrial shelves that we built for our library. We use large boards and pipes to create the look. Industrial Style: The Bookcases Are In! Building the bookcases was a lot of fun, like putting together a puzzle it was coming up with the design, doing the math on measurements and planning all the pieces that took the bulk of time. All eHow Projects All DIY Projects.