Diy Litter Box Sifter (DIY Project Download)

I have three cats so keeping the litter box(es) clean can be a real chore. I bought one of those expensive self-cleaning litter machines but for the price I thought it could have been done simpler. I have already made this for the two very large litter boxes I use. Litter Sifter. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. I’m in! I have tried several different methods of cleaning my cats’ litter box. From a three-piece sifting pan(messy), to a Littermaid automatic sifter(more trouble tha See more about Litter Box, Cat Litter Boxes and Cats. Cat Litter Boxes, Pet, Box Sifter, Litter Buckets, Sifter Bucket, Cat Stuff, Diy Cat. Turn your litter box upside-down, bend a sheet of wire mesh around the litter box and cut the mesh to the same size as the litter box.

diy litter box sifter 2Litter Spinner Automatic Cat Litter Box. +201RileyThompson1. DIY litter box sifter. +4RachelSanders. Hiding Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA. +252LaetitiaKloss. I have a large Rubbermaid-type storage container covering my kitty’s litter box in my storage room. She used to kick litter all over the place. Now I have much less to sweep up, plus it looks much more pleasant for company. This is a horrible litter box for rabbits!! It is a 4 piece litter box; 2 pans, sifter tray & urine guard. I figure I may just have to do a DIY litter box.

This guide contains homemade cat litter box ideas. For the past year of bunny ownership, I have been using a couple of litter box setups that are great at making it easy to dump used hay and poops regularly, help the litter beneath last longer before changes, and keep the rabbits feet nice and clean. Many pet stores carry litter boxes that are specially marketed for rabbits. If your bunny likes to dig in their litter box, you may wish to invest in a covered litter box or a sifting litter box. Here are some more resources on litter box options, including some DIY.

Kitty Litter Boxes Furniture

diy litter box sifter 3This litter box can be used with Feline Pine pellets or any other pine pellet cat litter, or as discussed in our Budget-saving Cat Litter Tips post, wood stove pellets work great, too. How large is the space between the bottom and the sifter? This is very similar to the DIY system I use, and it cuts litter usage nearly in half. For years many cat owners created homemade litter boxes for indoor cats and used sand, dirt, shredded newspapers or ashes to fill them. In our last episode of Cat Box Madness, I discovered my kitty litter wasn’t breaking down very quickly, so I added nitrogen to the mix. My husband made a DIY pine litter sifter with 2 nesting storage tubs & hardware cloth.

Homemade Cat Litter Box Ideas