Do Or Die Bed Stuy Restaurant (DIY Project Download)

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5) Are you OK with going to a restaurant that has one dessert only? My first visit at Bed Stuy Do or Dine was for brunch around the Labor Day weekend. Nadia and Benoit Busseuils 2014s arrival in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, is typical for the burgeoning neighborhood. Bed-Stuy’s wonderfully eccentric eatery Do or Dine has closed. The restaurant opened on Bedford Avenue in 2011 and instantly because known for their foie gras doughnuts, even sparking a fun rivalry with Bushwick’s vegan doughnut shop Dun-Well.

do or die bed stuy restaurant 2Do or Die. It’s worth noting that Bed-Stuy is made up of four neighborhoods, Stuyvesant Heights, Weeksville, Ocean Hill and Bedford, but aside from realtors, most people continue to refer to the area bordered by Flushing Avenue, Fulton Street, Broadway and Clinton Avenue as simply Bed-Stuy. The coziness of this small, low-lit bar next to Do or Dine has drawn locals in. Following Bed-Stuy Do or Die motto, he left The Modern to open Brooklyn ‘fine-diving’ restaurant recognized by Michelin. NOW CLOSED. Creative cuisine in disco-ball-clad digs in Bed-Stuy. See the review of this American Nouveau restaurant at 1108 Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn.

New clothing stores, mid-century collector furniture stores, florists, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants opened, and Fresh Direct began delivering to the area. Also, the threat of crime taking over certain neighborhoods did not disappear, as violent crime remains a problem in the area. Much like Brownsville and East New York, Bed-Stuy is well known for drive-bys, robberies, murders, and assaults. Bed-Stuy on the Move: Demographic trends and Economic Development in the heart of Brooklyn. Many businesses in Bed-Stuy are owned by people of Caribbean descent, typically health food stores, take-away restaurants and house repair. A lot of people still thought of Bed-Stuy as Do or Die.

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But, Bed-Stuy’s contributions to African American and pop culture go even deeper than simply giving birth to hip-hop giants. On Fulton Street at Franklin Avenue there is a restaurant whose green awning simply reads, American and African Food. Luke, Perry, George and I decided to open up our own restaurant in Bed-Stuy, called Do or Dine, after the (un)official neighborhood motto of Do or Die. Over the last decade Bed-Stuy has come a long way, moving far, far away from its Do or Die motto transforming into a noted city destination. Bed stuy used to be do or die, now it’s i’m too precious for my own good. Bedford Ave needs more establishments like yours to open up; my preference would be restaurants but having a bar is always better than having an empty space. We were going to the Chinese restaurant, to get some chicken wings and hot sauce, said Amber. Not really. Biggie and Jay-Z may be Bedford-Stuyvesant’s most cherished rap sons, but long before either of them first flexed their rap chops the trio of Disco Ritchie, Shelton D and DJ Mike Music coined a proud local anthem.


The 11am-4pm all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch also redefines the meaning of buffet – far from being a way for restaurants to use up the week’s leftovers, mega-talented Chef Sebastien whips up hot omelettes, slider burgers on cute little baby brioche buns and that unbelievable French toast using his own homemade baguettes at your demand. Later he whispered to me, Do or die, Bed- Stuy, that’s you, Jack. Hill further east into ”do or die Bed-Stuy” this argument is applicable to this section of Brooklyn as well. New trendy restaurant in Harlem. Bed-Stuy! Where we Do or Die! D.J. Haze March 23, 2012. Save. Like – 2 likes. Lisa D.