Does Red Wine Cause Dark Stools (DIY Project Download)

Why is the poop black if it has nothing to do with hemorrhoids or diverticulitis? Drinking red wine or eating certain foods maybe the reason why you have black poop and normally will go away quickly. Need to know five causes of rectal bleeding bowel movements? Can drinking red wine cause black stool, Ask a Doctor about Black stool. You should be aware that red stool can also mean you’re suffering from fairly severe internal bleeding as the result of acute constipation (which literally tears at the walls of your intestines) or even an ulcer. This delectably dark Irish beer already has a reputation for yielding jet-black TURDS. You’d think that red wine would turn your poop red, but red wine is actually really good at turning your poop bright GREEN.

does red wine cause dark stools 2That’s right, alcohol can cause constipation as well as diarrhea. Last year I had black and tarry stools and thought it was being caused by the wine I drank. Some people do report having more IBS trouble with red wine rather than white. The only thing unusual I had over the weekend was 1 glass of red wine, but would this cause such a bad discolouration? Has anyone else experienced this or knows what it may be as its concerning me quite a bit to be honest?.

Alcohol And Diarrhea: Drunk Angry Bowels Strike Back!

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Why Is My Poop Black?