Dog Door Installation Wall (DIY Project Download)

Through-the-wall pet doors are more complicated to install. Cutting a hole in an exterior wall of your home and correctly installing a pet door is a serious undertaking, and the consequences of doing it incorrectly can be major. A wall mount pet door can be a great choice. While installing a pet door in a door effectively ruins the door, a wall mount pet door can often be removed and the wall patched leaving no trace of the dog door or cat door. I install dog & Pet doors in Stucco walls, wood walls, interior and exterior doors, wood or metal.

dog door installation wall 2The above pet door installation gallery is a sample of pet doors that have been installed in San Antonio and surrounding cities in walls by our company. Most are premium pet doors that have a huge advantage in energy efficiency over standard retail pet doors such as those found at local pet store retail outlets. Contact us for all your pet door sales and installation service needs. These doors are great for dogs and cats. Plexidor Dog Door and Cat Door Installers in California. Our installer can install dog doors in all types of walls; stud, concrete block, and yes, they have even put dog doors in log walls.

San Antonio Dog Doors In Walls Installation Gallery