Dog Proof Litter Box (DIY Project Download)

Tired of your dog getting into your cats litter? Is there such a thing as a dog proof cat litter box? You betcha and here are ones that actually work!. Especially when you have a large cat who can’t fit in a small litter box and a dog who considers cat poop a delicacy. How to Dog Proof the Cat’s Litterbox. As anyone with cats and dogs will tell you, it’s not uncommon for dogs to try to eat out of a cat’s litter box.

dog proof litter box 2So imagine your cat’s dismay when he makes his way over to do his business and discovers the family’s 80-pound dog in his litter box. Of all the nerve. Addicted 2 Decorating Yes, This Really Is A Post About A Cat Litter Box. +4AdrianaAndersson. DIY Kitty Litter Box & Dog Proofing Option! BestMomsTV. Dog commonly have a fascination with cat litter boxes. Here are a few ways to keep them out so only your cat can get to it.

Dog proof your litter box out of sight, out of mind. Is it possible to have a dog proof litter box? Of course it is and with a little internet searching you can find all kinds of ways that people have used to. My 10-month-old lhasa apso is one of those dogs who love to go after cat litter. For the last few weeks, I have had it blocked off with a laundry.

How To Dog-proof A Litter Box

dog proof litter box 3This problem can be addressed with the right dog proof litter box which will not only allow the proper handling of cat litter but will also keep the dog at bay. The easiest way to keep your dog from eating cat poop is to remove the opportunity. Dog proof your litter box.. come read how. Dog Proof Cat Litter Box Furniture. Keep the dogs out of the litter tray. Dog proof litter box recommend 3 best models to keep your house clean and odor less. This post is sponsored by The Door Buddy. I am being compensated to help create awareness about pet proofing and kid proofing cat litter boxes but BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD only shares information relevant to our readers. Door Buddy is the simpler way to stop dogs from eating cat poop out of the litter box. Wittle LLC is happy to announce the launch of Door Buddy to pet owners.

Out Of Sight Litter Box