Door Frame Pull Up Bar Injury (DIY Project Download)

After all, when you are hanging from your doorframe, you don’t have too far to fall. Often times, pull-up-bar injuries occur when guys are using too much momentum and the bar actually becomes unhinged from the doorframe. I’ve been using an Iron Gym bar that holds on to the door frame for 1 year+. It’s pretty easy to see how that can lead to injury (he was fine after some intense back pain thankfully). The apparatus attaches to your door frame, yet not all door frames are created equal. But if you use this bar for pullups and chinups, be sure you have proper form to avoid injury.

door frame pull up bar injury 2Did the doorframe break or did the pull-up bar break? I have one, put up the brackets in my kitchen door frame, so far the only injury has been my own fault. Typically, it attaches to a door frame, trim, the roof or a wall. It is held in place by a person’s body weight, securely screwed safety cups, studs or bolts. If not installed correctly, the brackets can bend, which can set up the potential for injury. Using a portable chin-up bar on a weak door frame or door can not only damage the door and wall, but can lead to personal injury. If this piece of exercise equipment were to come loose during exercise, it could cause the user to fall and could also easily strike the user in the head and upper body area, leading to serious damage.

After three months of researching doorway pull-up bars and eight hours of testing six top-rated models on nine different door frames, we found the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is the best for most people. It accommodates the widest range of door frame sizes and locations. But the grip variations they provide also allow users to avoid repetitive stress injuries from doing pull-ups the same way every time. By placing your pull up bar at the bottom of the door frame, you can place your toes beneath the bar to ensure you are using proper form for your sit ups. Danielle explains proper form for sit ups, which is important for avoiding injury, and for maximizing the benefits of your sit ups. Do Not use a doorway pull up bar if you weigh over 300 lbs. Pull ups and chin ups are great at-home exercises, but you need to take these precautions to ensure that you avoid injury. Hanging a P90X Pull Up Bar on your door frame is simple.

Are Those Doorframe Pull Up Bars Safe?

door frame pull up bar injury 3Kipping pull-ups are a great way to get injured, not to mention they don’t build strength as well as a strict pull/chin up. I have a pull up bar that fits in the doorframe, a style some folks have already mentioned. Simply hanging from a pull-up bar may become your favorite new stretch. This is the same feeling of relief and benefits I paid 1000 for at the Chiropractor for decompression therapy when I was injured, because I did not know about the benefits of hanging on a pull-up bar. Summary – A simple pull up bar allowing you to develop your upper body at home Price – RRP 29. With regards to putting it on your door frame, this can be done in seconds, with the rear of top of the product having a plastic piece which sits easily on the top of a door frame, meaning the product is supported and secure when placed in a door frame using the weight of your body as can be seen via the picture on the right. Overtime, this may result in a weakening of the screws and potentially the collapsing of the bar, leading to injury. To avoid strain, blisters, injury, or discomfort, always wear gloves when performing pull-ups. We have compared wide range of pull-up bars and recommended best suitable pull up bar of year 2016 for you which would help you to set up your home gym. The patented door frame guards ensure there are no door scratches to put you off. Safe, Injury Free, and Wholesome Upper Body Workouts. Description: This article gives information about door pull up bars. Look here to learn more about the various ways to use pull up bars and how to avoid injury. Doing so can result in injury or door frame damage.

The Best Pull-up Bars

Try this low impact circuit workout when recovering from an illness or injury. I would recommend anyone weighing less than 250 lbs to get this doorway pull up bar, just make sure to check your door frame for damage before using it.