Door In The Face Technique Example (DIY Project Download)

The Door-in-the-face technique is a ‘sequential request’ and is also known as ‘rejection-then-retreat’. Psychology definition for Door-in-the-Face Technique in normal everyday language, edited by psychologists, professors and leading students. For example, someone might ask you to give to give 5 hours of your time a week for the next year as a volunteer to a charity. The door-in-the-face (DITF) technique is a compliance method commonly studied in social psychology. For example, a person may use metacommunication to indicate that it is inappropriate for a stranger make such an extreme request. This study included four different groups: one starting with a large request and including a metacommunicative statement, one starting with a large request and excluding a metacommunicative statement, one with only a smaller request and including a metacommunicative statement, and one with only a smaller request and excluding a metacommunicative statement.

door in the face technique example 2For example, negotiating a pay rise with your boss. It has been found the door-in-the face technique produces high levels of compliance only when the same person makes the request, and the requests are similar in nature. With the door-in-the-face technique, the opposite of foot-in-the-door, you first make a large request that you know will be refused and then follow it with a more moderate request. For example, a concrete thinker can look at the American flag and just focus on the stars and stripes. Our findings suggest the Door-in-the Face technique is a riskier strategy than simply making an outright request, says Erin Burgoon, a University of Texas at Austin psychology researcher and co-author of the study.

In the Door in the Face technique, instead of asking something small at first, you ask something big. I know that this is a terrible example because most of you guys have probably had a terrible boss who doesn’t care about what you do. Another example of the door in the face technique of advertising. A Melbourne ad agency created a set of ads that are brutally and graphically violent in order to show the importance of asking for help and safety in the workplace. It gave different examples of the technique and also showed that the door in the face marketing dates from more than 40 years ago, from the days of travelling salesmen.

Techniques Of Compliance

door in the face technique example 3Modelled on earlier foot-in-the-door technique, with the idea of having the door slammed in one’s face when the original request is refused. Words near door-in-the-face-technique in the dictionary. But if we stepped back another minute, this could be an example of another successful technique for gaining cooperation: the Door In The Face technique. Why would a door-to-door sales person want a customer to slam a door in their face? Door-in-the-face sales is modern sales technique that stems from the days of the traveling salesman. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Examples. Door-in-the-face technique: a persuader makes a large request that is almost certain to be denied, and, following rejection, returns with a smaller request, the target request the persuader had in mind at the outset. For example, you might look to see if salespeople use the door-in-the-face technique, whether and when it works, or if they use direct or indirect, or hard or soft, techniques. The door-in-the-face technique obtains compliance to the target request by first obtaining noncompliance to a larger request ( Cialdini et al., 1975 ). For example, a salesperson who wants someone to buy a moderately priced car will first attempt to sell that person an expensive car.

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