Door In The Face Technique Examples (DIY Project Download)

For example, negotiating a pay rise with your boss. It has been found the door-in-the face technique produces high levels of compliance only when the same person makes the request, and the requests are similar in nature. In the DitF procedure, the first request is large, sometimes outrageously so, and the second request is smaller and more moderate. An example might be if a person was asked to donate 5 hours per week to help welfare recipients, then asked to simply donate 5. For example, compliance with parents’ wishes is more likely if they live in the same city than it is if they live in another state or country. In using the foot-in-the-door technique, the subject is asked to perform a small request, and after agreeing, a larger request is made. Door-in-the-Face Technique.

door in the face technique examples 2A sequential request method of persuading a person to perform a particular task: first, a large request (the ‘set up’), which causes the persuadee to slam the door in the requesting party’s face, is made, followed by smaller, ‘target’ request; refusal to acquiesce to the first request might nonetheless result in compliance with a second request.

Door Face Technique

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