Door Jamb Light Switch Installation (DIY Project Download)

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Following are the suggested devices, and installation instructions, for a low voltage (24 Volts AC) doorjamb switch that will operate any desired 120 Volt lighting when the door is opened. Unless, of course, you have installed a door jam switch, which guarantees immediate light to defend your family against their own imagination. A door jam lock will shine light on clothes pretending to be ghouls, goblins or monsters. I’ll be installing a couple of door jamb switches in the near future. The switches come with a built in Jbox and it looks like they are to be cut right into the jamb. Hi Tom, Google up Smarthome for a 600w light switch. 9.32.

how to install a door jamb frame 2With this type of switch, it will not be necessary to switch the closet light on or off manually. Door jamb switches offer convenience because most closet lights are hard to reach or hard to find in the dark. The 10-Amp Push-Button Door Switch features normally on-momentary contact. The switch includes a metal box, cover plate and mounting hardware for installation within a doorjamb with a 1-1/4 in. The single-pole, single-throw circuitry automatically operates lights when door is opened. Hey guys, I am going to attempt to install a door jamb light switch in a pantry for my wife but i am not sure how to wire it. The pantry has a single gang outlet (no light or switch) and we have been.

I’ve been asked to replace a wornout, closet fluorescent light fixture. If they only knew the story behind my jamb light switches. fwiw. John. If we are installing jamb switches hopefully I know about it from Day 1 and we can avoid nailing at the elevation of the switch. Installing a door jamb light switch adds the functionality of putting a light in a closet and the convenience of not needing to turn the light on and off manually.

How To Install A Door Jamb Switch

There are definate rules for installing closet lighting that detail placement to shelving, bulb type requirement placement, etc. With the jamb switch the lights can not be off if doors need to be open to air out. Lighting expert Scott Caron shows a homeowner how to brighten up a dark closet and never have to flip on a light switch. To install the ball switch in the doorjamb, drill out a hole in the frame of the closet door using a power drill and a spade bit. This auction is for a template for installing door jam light switches. If you have ever tried to sink a light switch in a door jamb, you know it is a difficult job, and if you have to do multiple swit. Light up your closet without a wall switch. Note: for double doors, wire Normally Open switches in series. Switch is open when door is open. Magnetic switch can be concealed within or surface mounted on the closet door or door jamb. Welcome to the 1865 Section of the Leviton electrical and electronic products Web site. Leveraging more than a century of experience, Leviton helps customers create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems. Just mount this 600 Watt spring-loaded light switch button into the door jamb, and your closet light will automatically turn on or off when you open or close the closet door — just like the refrigerator. Wish it came in a different finish, but as it’s installed in the jamb, it doesn’t really show so I suppose the finish doesn’t matter as much.

Door Jamb Light Switch

I have several closets in my house with pull chain lights in them. They get left on all the time. I would like to install door jamb switches in them. I have to instal 2 door jamb switches in a a custom new construction house for the master bedroom closets. There is line power in each closet in a j-box, with a load wire stubbed out at the light location.