Door Knob Latch Assembly (DIY Project Download)

door knob latch assembly 1

Often, a malfunctioning latch assembly or lock mechanism causes the problem. If you need a pro to fix problems with a high-quality door knob or lockset, removing the hardware and taking it to a locksmith is usually far less expensive than having the come to you. Shop our selection of Door Latches & Catches in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. Depress and release the latch several times. If it operates freely, reinstall the latch assembly and the doorknob in the reverse order as they were removed.

door knob latch assembly 2This activates a block inside the latch assembly and the latch cannot be pushed in. It will only retract when it is pulled in by the doorknob. How do I fix an exterior door knob that will unlock but not turn? How-to: The directions that follow are for doorknobs with hidden screws. Thread the spindle through the door and latch assembly so it pokes out the other side.

Removing a door’s hardware (knobs, latch assembly, hinges) is really a piece of cake if you know what you are doing. To remove the latch assembly, unscrew the two screws above and below the latch. Remove the latch assembly (doorknob). Remove the two screws from the latch assembly on the side of the door. Remove the strike plate on the door jamb as well. A lever door handle takes the challenge out of turning a difficult-to grip round doorknob. Here’s just how easy it is: remove the existing lock, install the new latch assembly and then the handles.

I Cannot Open My Door Even Though Everything Is Unlocked!

door knob latch assembly 3Performing a Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) analysis on our doorknob allows us to determine whether or not designs of the product could be changed in such a way that the cost, ease, or quality of manufacturing and assembly can be improved. This tutorial shows you how to tighten a doorknob or lever door handle having hidden screws. The set includes a latch assembly, an inside doorknob assembly and an outside doorknob assembly. The doorknob assemblies are interconnected by a spindle which fits through a cam of the latch assembly. The Spindle: Vintage doorknobs generally have a square spindle that runs through the latch assembly and connects the two doorknobs. PROBLEMS with door locks do not always mean that the entire knob and latch assembly has to be removed or replaced. Often just removing the lock cylinder, the part containing the keyhole, is necessary.

Removing Door Knobs, Latches And Hinges