Door Knob Latch Stuck (DIY Project Download)

Numerous homeowners choose to handle common, simple locksmith problems on their own. But do you have what it takes to handle a door knob latch stuck type of emergency. Why does my latch not retract when I push or swing the door shut, but will retract when the knob/lever is used? We called Schlage, the manufacturer, and they said that part of the internal mechanism was broken. Because they warranty the mechanism for life, they sent us a new mechanism with instructions on how to install it. I couldn’t turn the handle, even unlocked, so I removed the handles. Now I’ve got direct access to the latch assembly, and I can’t get the unlatching part to move (to the right, in the photo). How can I get this door open? I can’t normally remove the latch assembly without opening the door.

door knob latch stuck 2Expert advice on how to repair problems with stuck or frozen door locks, keys that don’t work, and latches that don’t latch. Many door knob and lockset problems can be corrected before they become so serious that the lockset does not work at all. Many door knobs that you use on a regular basis have a locking mechanism, and most door locks feature a latch system. When the lock is engaged, the latch holds. The latch is extended past where it’s supposed to be, so the entire latch is in the door jam, and the spring is exposed, yet difficult to reach to cut We asked for help at Home Depot, but the jiggle it with a screwdriver advice is not working. If that mechanism is still in the door and the part of it that interfaces with the door knob is still accessible, you should be able to turn the latching mechanism with a screwdriver or even one of the door knobs to release the latch.

Most residential doors have doorknobs. A spindle threads through the latch mechanism and attaches to both sides of the knob; turning the knob rotates the spindle and retracts the latch from the strike. You might be able to rotate a broken knob, but if it fails to engage the spindle, it will not open the door. The part of a doorknob that you grasp with your hand connects to a rod that extends though the door to the knob on the other side. Knobs for a Coat Rack How to Open a Closed Door With a Broken Knob How to Fix a Doorknob’s Bolt Mechanism. I also tried using lots of WD-40 to losen up the lock or anything else that might be stuck, but nothing has worked.

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door knob latch stuck 3I tried turning the knob and found that the mechanism had somehow broken such that the part that sticks out was no longer moving when the knob turned. The answer and I am posting it for the next person hoping to open a wooden door with a latch that is stuck (although I am not sure how to advertise the solution sufficiently that it might be found before locksmithing schools) is that I used a coat hanger. Removing a door’s hardware (knobs, latch assembly, hinges) is really a piece of cake if you know what you are doing. Later when the old lock on our front door broke, I ordered new ones from (they sell all types of door hardware) and the customer service rep helped me enter the code from our master key when I placed the order. Doorknob latch assembly stuck – can’t open door – This doorknob was not working so I removed the knob but when I took it off I could not remove the latch assemb See more about Doors. A handful of things can cause a door latch to get stuck in the open position. Many of these can be fixed by simply disassembling and reassembling the door knob mechanism. Those causes that can’t be fixed this way usually mean replacing the bolt entirely. The cause of the lock malfunction is a dead-latch failure. The dead-latch is used with key operated doorknobs or levers. The dead-latch is designed to prevent a burglar from pushing the latch back with a knife or ice pick, this is often called jimmying, the door open. My son has removed the door knob on both sides of the door, exposing the deadlatch mechanism; however, there is no way that we can see to release the deadlatch pin or plunger, which is up against the door jamb and relatively inaccessible to us.

How To Open A Closed Door With A Broken Knob

This doorknob was not working so I removed the knob but when I took it off I could not remove the latch assembly so the door is stuck shut. I tried removing the hinges but since I can’t open the door, I can’t get at the them. Any ideas? If you have an older house with knobs that slip, latches that are stuck inside the door, or other minor problems, then you should follow these instructions to remove the lock, dis-assemble it, clean and perform minor repairs. Just moved in and the previous owners used the deadbolt lock because they never had a key to the original door lock and they said they could never get it to work. Somehow the latch on the door knob is stuck in the door jam and will not move when turning the door knob hence we can’t open the door. The bolt with the slanted end is called a latch bolt, and it’s activated by turning the knobs; an internal spring retracts it when the door closes.