Door Latch Spring Replacement (DIY Project Download)

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If you have an older house with knobs that slip, latches that are stuck inside the door, or other minor problems, then you should follow these instructions to remove the lock, dis-assemble it, clean and perform minor repairs. Fitting our replacement door lock springs Land Rover Discovery 1 Range Rover Classic. Fit our improved design Stainless Steel Springs and restore your door locks to full health for good. Save the cost of a replacement actuator that will just fail again! Door latch spring -Help Explorer, Sport Trac, Mountaineer & Aviator. (The remote and key worked well when locking the door) If you’re having this problem of being unable to unlock your door, try checking the door handle springs as it is an easier fix replacing the exterior door handle (available online around 20 plus s/h) than replacing the latch.

door latch spring replacement 2This Do It Yourself (DIY) article provides details on fixing or replacing the rear exterior door handle, door latch or door lock actuator for the 4 door (1997 – 2001) Toyota Camry. How much does Door Handle or Door Latch Replacement cost? Get an estimate instantly. Service, parts, cost & recommendations from YourMechanic. One annoyance ’69-79 bus owners choose to tolerate in the face of other, more pressing repairs is a problem with the front door locks.

Category: Panel Replacement Latches and Springs. Sears Storm Door Latch. DIY Washing Machine Repair: How To Replace The Door Latch On A Washer. (The metal plate is difficult to depress due to the heavy-duty spring, but it can be done. Is there a trick to this or adjust this so it won’t just spring open so easily? I personally wouldnt even bother replacing it. Sliding glass door latch doesn’t stay latched in place.

Toyota Camry Rear Door Handle

Shop Replacement Parts at and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Kwikset Entry Door Latch (81825-001) – Ace Hardware. Door Latch Assembly – GE WB10X10021 – This part is electrically designed for securing the door of the microwave while it s in use. After the plastic is mostly removed putting in the spring is not too difficult, but a second set of hands is almost manditory. The automaker says a part in the door latch spring assembly can break, causing the latch to fail. Dealers will replace all four door latches at no cost to customers. You can save money by replacing a bad Kenmore Elite door latch yourself. Peel the lower edge of the door boot seal upwards to reveal the tension spring securing the door seal wire clamp to the lip of the seal. Replacement LH Door Latch Return Spring for 67-69 Camaro/68-72 Nova made by Speedway, for as low as 4.99. If its the latch spring.You need to remove the latch and do it on the bench.Pretty easy.Just pry open the tab to remove old spring.Slip new spring into tab and pinch shut.

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Shop online for a variety of Replacement Door Spring Latches and other Lock Parts & Accessories related items. Answer Hello Russell. You will need to check and see if the spring is broken for the latch inside the door. If so, you will need to replace the spring 5304440316. I noticed a post where someone had found a source for the tension spring for the doors latches on a Discovery I. Source on ebay out of the UK. ’67 door latch spring and locking issue Classic Tech. I took out my latch assembly today and i believe there is a spring missing. I circled the spot where I think it should go in the picture below.