Door Mounted Pull Up Bar (DIY Project Download)

Put some rags behind the part that pushes on the doorframe, no more marks, and it spread the pressure a little better so the indentation hasn’t gotten worse over time. Heavy Duty Doorway Chin Pull Up Bar Exercise Fitness Gym Home Door Mounted. Read reviews, then browse all pull up and chin up bars for doorways so you can get a great workout at home. Whether attached to the doorframe for use as chin up bars, or positioned on the floor, push up bars are built to handle the stress of countless reps.

door mounted pull up bar 2When the makers of the door-frame leverage bars advertise that their product fits doors 24 to 32 inches wide, they are measuring based upon the width of the gap in the doorframe. Here is a link to webpage that helps you understand what you’re looking for in determining the best marriage between pull-up bar and door-frame. Pull-ups And Chin-ups In Any Standard Doorframe. Gym Quality Pull Up Bar. It’s not the P90X pullup bar but essentially the same thing. If you decide to mount something on the wall, don’t try to use wood screws; use lag screws.

These bars extended outward and push against either side of the doorframe. Designed to fit over and around a door frame without the need for any drill holes or fixings. The main selling feature of a door mounted pull up bar is the fact that it’s removable.

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