Door Panic Device (DIY Project Download)

A door intended only for exit doesn’t need a handle on the outside, and for security, an outside handle is often omitted. However a door handle can be mounted on the outside to create a two-way door. Shop our selection of Exit Devices in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. The 8800 series is designed for standard width stile applications on wood and metal doors. This reversible rim exit device sets the industry standard for durability and reliability.

door panic device 2Life safety codes require the use of exit devices in specific situations, and most codes prohibit the use of any other lock or mechanism on the door that would prevent the use of the device or confuse the user. Order Panic Bars, Exit Alarm Panic Hardware and Exit Devices at American Locksets. Whether constructed horizontally or vertically, all panic bar door openers operate pretty much the same; when one pushes on the panic exit bar the door opens. Lockwood’s range of Panic Exit Devices reliably secure egress doors in accordance with all applicable fire and safety code requirements.

Touch bar exit devices are mounted on the egress side of the door. They can be mounted for rim, mortise, surface vertical, or concealed vertical applications. Browse exit device and outside trim options from Grainger to help find fire-rated and nonfire-rated applications such as panic bars, key-in levers and more. TEMPERED GLASS DOORS PANIC HARDWARE DISPLAY CASE DOORS. Panic Device H-100, Deadbolt Housing DB-100, Dummy Handle DH-100. Blumcraft’s H-100 Panic Devices, DB-100 Deadbolt Housings and DH-100 Dummy Handles are fabricated using 1-1/4 diameter stainless steel or architectural bronze tubing.

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